10-Minute Recipe: This No-Tomato Corn Salsa Is a Yummy And Healthy Treat

Corn is a lovely ingredient to work with. You can make quick snacks as well as traditional dishes using it: think of crispy corn-cheese balls or wholesome makki di rotis. But corn is also an amazing addition to salads. It gives not only an attractive pop of yellow colour but also a delicately sweet taste and simple crunch. There are many recipes for corn-based salads out there. But today, we invite you to try corn salsa. This dish can be more than just a salad, as you will soon discover. However you end up eating it, you are sure to love it. Find out more below.
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Why You Should Try Corn Salsa?


You can add mix this corn salsa with other ingredients to make a yummy stuffing. Photo Credit: Pixabay

It is extremely simple to make:

This recipe uses everyday ingredients and the final dish can be ready in as few as 10 minutes! When you want something quick, easy and yummy, this corn salsa will come to your rescue.

It contains no tomatoes:

When we hear the word “salsa,” we mostly think of something tomato-based. But this corn salsa version does not contain tomatoes. It gets its freshness and tanginess from other sources. But why is it still called salsa? See the next point.

You can enjoy it in many ways:

This dish might be called salsa because it can be used in similar ways as tomato salsa – though not every time. You can serve corn salsa as a salad, but you can also add it on top of your nachos. Take it one notch further and use it as a taco or burrito stuffing. All you would need to add further is cheese and perhaps beans or chicken.

It is healthy and light on the stomach:

This corn salsa does not have a thick/ creamy dressing that may be heavy on your system. The corn and veggies are tossed in a simple and healthy olive oil dressing. Corn salsa is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It is a nutritious treat and can also be added to your weight-loss diet. Here’s how to prepare it:

How To Make Corn Salsa At Home | Quick And Easy Recipe For Corn Salsa


You need to steam corn before mixing it with the rest of the ingredients. Photo Credit: Pexels

In a large bowl, combine extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, honey, salt, pepper, roasted cumin powder and chilli flakes. Mix to form a smooth dressing. Now add steamed corn along with chopped veggies like onions, capsicums (bell pepper), chillies and coriander. Add chopped garlic cloves and mix all ingredients. Toss them well so that the dressing is evenly spread. Taste to see if more salt or spice is required. Enjoy the salsa immediately or refrigerate it to relish it as a cold salad later.

Click here for the complete recipe and ingredient list for Corn Salsa

Try making this quick salsa soon and let us know how you like it!
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