12 Types Of Pasta Shapes: How To Use Them In Creative And Tasty Ways

Pasta is a universally loved dish and for good reason. It’s a quick and easy Italian meal that can be enjoyed any time of day. With over 500 different types of pasta, there are endless delicious versions of this one-pot wonder. But have you ever wondered why pasta comes in different shapes? It’s not just for variety, each shape is designed to pair perfectly with specific sauces.

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Why does pasta shape matter?

Different pasta shapes are made to complement specific sauces. Thick, long pasta pairs well with heavy sauces, while thin pasta is best suited for light, creamy sauces. Choosing the right pasta shape based on the sauce can enhance the flavour and texture of your dish.


In this article, we’ll explore different pasta shapes and how to use them beyond the traditional pasta dish.

1. Farfalle:

Farfalle, also known as bow-tie pasta, is perfect for summer. Try adding zucchini, onion, tomato, and olive oil sauce to give it a new twist. Better still, pair it with grilled chicken, pesto sauce, and fresh herbs for a delicious meal.


2. Angel Hair Pasta:

Angel hair pasta, also known as capellini, is a delicate, long pasta with thin strands. It’s best paired with creamy sauces and can be made even tastier by adding shredded chicken.

3. Spaghetti:

Spaghetti is a popular pasta shape that resembles noodles. While spaghetti and meatballs are classic dishes, try making baked spaghetti by layering it with tomatoes, veggies, cheese, and pesto sauce. Bake it for a few minutes and enjoy a delicious new twist on a classic dish.


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4. Fettuccine:

Fettuccine is a narrow ribbon-shaped pasta that’s perfect for creamy sauces. It’s a classic pasta that’s most commonly paired with Alfredo sauce or eggs.


5. Pappardelle:

Pappardelle is a long, wide ribbon-shaped pasta that’s perfect for meat-based dressings and seafood pasta-based dishes. Add some arrabbiata sauce and herbs for a delicious meal.

6. Fusilli:

Fusilli is a short, spiral-shaped pasta that pairs well with rich and creamy sauces. It’s great in baked dishes and salads.

7. Ditalini Pasta:

Ditalini is a short pasta with small tubes that pairs well with smooth sauces. It’s commonly used in soups, salads, and casseroles.

8. Macaroni:

Macaroni is a short tube-shaped pasta that’s perfect for mac & cheese, one of the most beloved pasta dishes. It’s also great in salads.


9. Penne:

Penne is a popular pasta shape that can be easily paired with any kind of sauce. It’s commonly used in baked casserole dishes.

chicken penne arabboiata

10. Gnocchi:

Gnocchi is a chewy, potato-based pasta that pairs well with tomato and buttery sauces. It’s also great in soups.


11. Lasagna:

Lasagna is a flat pasta sheet that’s most commonly used in meaty baked dishes. Layer it with cheese and your choice of meat sauce for a delicious meal.

lasagna 625

12. Ravioli:

Ravioli is a square-shaped pasta that’s stuffed with cheese, meat, vegetables, or herbs. You can find pre-stuffed ravioli at your grocery store or easily make it at home.

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