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Happiness that comes packed in a box; it’s got to be a pizza! 

How can you not fall for the crispy crusts coupled with an exciting play of ingredients with gooey cheese on the top? Loved by all, Pizzas are one of the most popular Italian food items in the entire world. They are native to Italy and it is believed that pizzas were a subtle improvisation of flat breads prepared by ancient Greeks and Italians. Flat breads which are similar to focaccia are being prepared since the Neolithic age. Slowly and gradually, these were exposed to culinary experimentation that led to the discovery of pizzas. If records are to be believed, the earliest of pizza recipes dates back to 16th century in Naples.

The technique of pizza making was embraced by different cultures, fusing it with local ingredients and condiments. Fast food chains all across the world have been successfully serving fusion pizzas to lure and satisfy their regional markets. Interestingly, such experimentation has led to the discovery of several varieties besides the classics like Neapolitan, Margherita and Pepperoni.

Basics Of The Base | Tips For The Perfect Pizza Base

The base forms the structure of your pizza. You can choose from ready-made pizza bases or can make one at home. Make sure that you knead the dough properly and pay close attention to the ingredients that you add. A little yeast is always desirable as it helps the base to rise properly. Adding lukewarm water and a little olive oil ensures a wonderfully smooth and soft dough. You can choose from a variety of flours for your base. From the traditional refined flour (maida) to whole wheat flour, multi-grain, soy flour and oatmeal flour, it’s the rising demand for healthy alternatives that has made a variety of pizza bases popular – the newest and the hottest addition is the quinoa pizza base. (Pizza dough recipe)


Kneading the dough perfectly is the most important part of making a pizza recipe.

Tip: Hand-tossing does not come easily. Try using the rolling pin instead. Cold fermented dough gives a better crust. Resting the dough in the refrigerator can significantly improve the texture and even help in browning.

Sauce it and Top Up 

Cook your sauce at home or use the ready-made ones. You can choose between canned and fresh tomatoes, however, we’d suggest using fresh ingredients. In case you are using canned tomatoes and want to get rid of excess acidity, adding a little sugar may help. Onions, olive oil

You can let your creativity run wild when it comes to topping your pizza. Chefs and food enthusiasts across the globe try different ingredients to crown their pizzas – from aromatic herbs and garden fresh veggies to soy chunks, meat balls, prawnscottage cheese, sun dried tomatoes, jalapenoscornmushrooms, fish and lots more. It is important to choose your crust accordingly. A heavy topping won’t settle on a thin crust pizza.

10-best-pizza-recipes-2You can let your creativity run wild when it comes to topping your pizza. Image credits: iStock

Say cheese! | Popular Cheese Options To Use In A Pizza

Hot favourites include provolone and ricotta. Processed cheese is widely used due to its easy availability and melting properties. However, the stringy mozzarella cheese will always remain the classic and most preferred variety. Even scientists have proven it to be the best pizza cheese. According to a recent study published in the journal Food and Science, when tested for elasticity, stretchiness and perfect browning, mozzarella wins hands down.

Tip: Less elastic cheeses like cheddar can be mixed with mozzarella to achieve sensational flavour. Using cold cheese will prevent it from getting overcooked. Cheeses which are oily in nature should be avoided.

Now that you’ve got your basics in place, try your hand at some of our 17 best pizza recipes:

1. Priyanka’s Pepperoni Pizza Recipe

Priyanka Chopra teams up with Chef Alessandro Percico  to  show you the art of making the classic pepperoni pizza. This one is cheesy, spicy and loaded with pepperoni! Perfect pizza to cook and relax with friends.

gelvd1iGreat option to cook for a movie night.

2. Multigrain Pizza Recipe

Good food is a combination of mouth-watering flavours and healthy ingredients. Your favourite pizza gets a healthy makeover with a multi-grain base. Make the base from scratch with whole wheat flour, oats, maize flour and nutrient-dense seeds. Top it up with some mushrooms or whatever you like. Make this multigrain pizza at home and indulge guilt-free!

10-best-pizza-recipes-4A fool-proof way to load up on healthy nutrients in a delicious multigrain pizza. Image credits: iStock

3. Chicken Pizza Recipe

This Italian favorite pizza is a delicious mix of flat bread or base topped with cheese, chillies, onion, garlic sauce and chunks of chicken. Explore the juiciness of meaty chicken chunks embedded in gooey cheesiness. It can’t get better than this.

10-best-pizza-recipes-5Tossed to perfection, this quick and easy chicken pizza recipe is the solution to all those chicken and cheese cravings. Image credits: iStock

4. Margherita Pizza Recipe

Make way for the all time favourite pizza!  Margherita Pizza is to many the true Italian flag as it was created resembling the colors of the Italian flag, red (tomato), white (mozzarella) and green (basil). Since then this classic pizza has never disappointed anyone.

10-best-pizza-recipes-5You just can’t go wrong with that tomato, basil and fresh mozzarella combo. Image credits: iStock

5. Kebab and Paneer Pizza Recipe

Think out-of-the-box-cooking, think fusion food. This is what you get when Italian cooking marries Indian flavours. A mouth watering pizza recipe that is sure to tantalize your taste buds. This fusion of Mughlai seekh kebab and Italian pizza recipe is easy and quick.

10-best-pizza-recipes-6 A different yet delectable take on Italian pizza recipes, made with just a handful of ingredients. Image credits: iStock

6. Wholegrain Pizza Recipe

A brilliant, gorgeous looking pizza that is high on flavour yet low on calories can strike a deal with anyone, right? A healthy way to satiate those cravings of Pizza, this wholegrain pizza has fresh dough made with whole wheat flour topped with tomato sauce, mushrooms, cheese and baked to perfection. 

Perfect for a kids party or a casual dinner with friends. Image credits: iStock

7. Scone Pizza Recipe

Making a scone based pizza is a great way to save time. It is quick and does not require yeast. The crust is thin and soft somewhat similar to a bread base.

A delicious pizza recipe made from scratch, filled with cheese. Image credits: iStock

8. Vegetarian Pizza Recipe

Garden fresh veggies come together to create a delicious symphony for your taste-buds. Lots of variety and a harmony of flavours teamed with unmatchable cheesiness, heavenly indeed! This special vegetarian pizza recipe will be loved by kids and adults alike.

10-best-pizza-recipes-8Goodness of veggies and delicious cheese topping makes this a great option for kids. Image credits: iStock

9. Mexican Pizza Recipe

Italian techniques combined with Mexican flavours – an unforgettable gastronomic experience! topped with Mexican gems like kidney beans and tossed with a fiery hot sauce, this pizza recipe is going to be a stellar one!

10-best-pizza-recipes-9This pizza comes out piping hot from the oven drenched in distinctive Mexican ingredients.​ Image credits: iStock

10. Mini Mushroom Pizza Recipe

Get ready to gorge on these little pockets of cheesy delights. A delicious snack for parties, these Mini pizzas topped with mushrooms, corn and cheese are sure to get everyone’s attention. Ready in a jiffy, these are an absolute crowd pleaser!

10-best-pizza-recipes-10Easy, quick and light these small veg pizzas are one of our best Italian pizza recipes. Image credits: iStock

11. Greek Style Pizza

This light and flavourful vegan pizza is made from scratch and topped with fresh avocado, zucchini, bell peppers and olives. With goodness of so many fresh veggies and delicious pizza sauces, this Greek style pizza is a sure shot winner. 


Easy, quick and sumptuously flavourful pizza recipe is here to slay your meal.

12. Cheese Burst Pizza

If you are someone who just can’t do without the cheesy layers in your pizza, this one is just what you need! Oodles of cheese, crispy veggies, fresh herbs and a base made without yeast! Fond the full recipe here.

An authentic and cheesy Tuscan pizza made with the flavours of jalapeno, basil and topped with mushrooms, bell pepper and olives. 


14. Bun Pizza

Get the best of both worlds with this bun pizza recipe. With cheesy pizza flavors in a soft buttered bun, this recipe makes for a perfect snack any time of the day.


15. Crispy Cabbage Pizza

This innovative pizza is made with loads of crispy cabbage, along with mushrooms, onion, mozzarella Cheese followed by tempting herbs and spices. Replace your usual pizza recipe with this one and we bet you won’t regret!


16. Tandoori Chicken Pizza

Tandoori chicken pizza has the cheesiness of pizza and the spiciness of tandoori chicken. This combination  is best of both worlds.


17. Paneer Naanza

Paneer naanza is a delicious cheesy and crunchy paneer pizza where we use a naan instead of a regular pizza base. This pizza recipe is super crispy, cheesy and oh-so-delicious!


Try these drool-worthy pizza recipes at home and share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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