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Yoga for Health: The most effective technique to increase fertility, according to health and fitness experts, is to reduce stress. Stress and worry tend to upset the body’s natural balance, which can increase fertility and increase the likelihood of conception. For people with depression, sleeplessness, eating disorders, and other stress-related issues, yoga is advised as a helpful treatment.

The sperm is produced, stored, and transported by the male reproductive system. Hormones like testosterone and androgen regulate these processes. Male infertility is often caused by inadequate sperm production and abnormalities in sperm function. Male fertility issues are largely influenced by sedentary lifestyles and poor food choices.

How to boost fertility with Yoga Asanas for Men?

Yoga helps your body and mind relax. The stress hormone cortisol is decreased, which affects sperm motility and count. Your sperm count increases as you perform yoga mudras and asanas.

Yoga teaches you how to integrate your mind and body via physical, mental, and spiritual exercises. By boosting male sperm counts using the following methods, yoga for male infertility improves fertility health:

1. Halasana- Plough Pose

– Lie back and lie down. Put your palms on the ground next to your body. 

– Lift your legs 90 degrees up using your abdominal muscles. Let your legs reposition themselves behind your head as you firmly plant your hands on the ground. 

– Your toes should touch the floor behind you while your midsection and lower back are lifted off the ground. 

– Get your chest as near as you can to your chin. Depending on your degree of comfort, bend the arms and support the back with your hands.

2. Dhanurasana- Bow Pose

– Start by laying on your stomach. 

– Kneel and grasp your ankles firmly with your palms. Have a strong grasp. 

– As high as you can, lift your arms and legs. Maintain your posture while looking upward.

3. Setubandhasana- Bridge Pose

– Lie down flat on your back on the ground.

– Bend your legs so your heels are as close to your buttocks as they can be.

– Lift your pelvis off the ground, keeping your shoulders and upper back on the ground.

– Remain in this pose for 10 seconds while breathing comfortably.

Remain in Balasana after practising these 3 yoga asanas daily.

Yoga Mudra

Yoga mudras are hand and finger motions that are practised. Yoga Mudras help the body’s subtle energy flow. Yoga Mudra Asanas are frequently included in the yogic breathing techniques known as Pranayama.

Yoni Mudra, also known as the womb gesture, may be performed in any secure sitting position where the spine can remain erect, such as padmasana (the lotus pose) or sukhasana (the easy pose).

Linga Mudra is connected to the male phallus and is used in conjunction with asanas for meditation. The first kind of yogic hand motion is this one. The hands should be interlocked in this mudra, but the left thumb should remain upright and facing upward. Linga Mudra may be performed anywhere, at any time.

The brain releases hormones like dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins as a result of this. Regular yoga practice may elevate your mood and balance both your hormones and your emotions.

(This article is meant for informational purposes only and must not be considered a substitute for the advice provided by  qualified medical professionals.)

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