4 Easy Tips To Maintain Crispiness Of Biscuits In Rainy Season

Biscuits are a much-loved snack by everyone around the world. These can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Whether you’re having a cup of tea, watching a movie, or need a quick bite, biscuits are a go-to option for many. At times, we are unable to finish a packet of biscuits and thus it is important to store it properly. Especially during the rainy season, storing biscuits can be a challenge, as the high humidity levels can cause them to become soggy and stale. This can be unappetising and make them lose their crispiness. Here, we will explore how to store biscuits and keep them crispy during the rainy season.

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Here Are 4 Tips To Maintain the Crispiness of Biscuits:

1. Store In Airtight Container

When biscuits are kept in open space, they absorb moisture and thus become soft. This is why if you have an open packet of biscuits, ensure to store it in an airtight container. This will keep the moisture away and maintain the crispiness of the biscuits. Avoid overfilling the container, as this can cause the biscuits to break.


Air tight containers are best to store packaged foods. Photo Credit: istock

2. Use A Ziplock Bag

Ziplock bags are also a good option to store biscuits. These can be easily found in any store near your place. Just place the leftover biscuits in the ziplock bag and seal it properly. This will keep the moisture away from the biscuits and protect them from becoming soft. Avoid keeping ziplock bag near heat as they are not heat friendly.

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3. Use Tissue Paper

If you want to extend the shelf life of biscuits, then simply place a piece of tissue paper in the container you will be using for storage. Now put the biscuits in it and layer them with another tissue paper. Once done, close the lid properly and place it in a dry place.

4. Keep It In Dry Place

Where you store the biscuits also plays an important part in maintaining their crispiness. Avoid keeping biscuits in wet and damp places with too much moisture. Instead, place them in a cool and dry place. It’s best to store them in the kitchen pantry or cupboard.

Enjoy crispy biscuits with a hot cup of coffee or tea on a rainy day!

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