5 Cooling Chutneys To Enjoy In Summer – And Which Ones To Avoid

Who doesn’t love pairing snacks and foods with a delicious chutney? Whether it’s a South Indian delicacy, a crispy pakora or a plain cheela – just a little chutney can take the dish to the next level. India’s rich culinary heritage is reflected in the variety of chutneys we find across the country. So, there is definitely no shortage of options to choose from. But since it’s summer, there are certain factors you should take into consideration. Specific spices and ingredients have a heating effect on your body and can pose a health risk if consumed in excess during the summer. But there are others which have a cooling and detoxifying effect on your body, making them ideal for the hot weather. We have accordingly chosen 5 healthy and yummy chutneys you must opt for this season:

Here Are 5 Delicious Indian Chutneys To Add To Your Summer Diet:

1. Hari Chutney


Chutneys for summer: Hari chutney often contains mint, which can provide your body with multiple benefits. Photo Credit: iStock

Here’s some good news: you don’t need to avoid good old hari chutney in summer! There are many ways to make this chutney, but it is typically made using coriander (dhania) and/or mint (pudina). Both these leafy ingredients have a cooling effect on your body. Click here for the recipe for one version of Hari Chutney. For more options, check out this list.

2. Coconut Chutney

Just like hari chutney, there are several ways to prepare coconut chutney. But the base ingredient is what lends it nutritious and cooling properties that make it great for this season. You can also add fenugreek (methi) seeds while making this chutney, as they are said to help reduce body temperature. Our chosen recipe incorporates a little bit of mint and coriander for extra freshness. Click here to read it.

3. Cucumber Chutney

This South-Indian style chutney is a unique way to relish the flavours of cucumber. You can pair it with your dosas and idlis for a wholesome meal. It includes a range of spices that make it even more aromatic. If you’re looking for something different to try this season, you should check out this one. Click here for the full recipe for Cucumber Chutney.

4. Aam Ki Launji


Summer Diet: Green mangoes are a nutritious fruit that can be eaten in many ways.

It wouldn’t be summer without mangoes – and this delicious chutney is an amazing way to enjoy raw mangoes (kairi). Green mangoes are said to be cooling, and their juice is sometimes recommended as a remedy for heat exhaustion. What’s more, this chutney contains spices like fennel (saunf) and cumin (jeera), which are summer-friendly ingredients. We have found a special recipe that does not even use regular sugar, making it even healthier. Check out the recipe video here.

5. Imli Chutney

Imli (or Tamarind) Chutney is another classic choice with multiple versions. Tamarind is believed to have a cooling effect on your body: which is why it is also consumed as part of summer drinks such as imli sharbat and jaljeera. This healthy ingredient can help reduce inflammation too. Imli chutney is commonly used in chaat items, but you can also pair it with your favourite snacks and main course dishes. Here’s the recipe for one version of tamarind chutney.
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Which Chutneys Should Be Avoided In Summer?


Summer Diet Tips: It is better to avoid consuming too much of red chillies and garlic when it’s hot outside. Photo Credit: iStock

The chutneys mentioned above may contain ingredients like chillies, ginger, garlic and pepper. It is advisable to reduce their amount while preparing the chutney in summer, as they have a heating effect on your body. Note that consuming heaty spices in small quantities may not endanger your health. But, during this season, it is best to avoid recipes that feature them prominently or use them as the base. Accordingly, here are a few chutneys you should avoid/ reduce consumption of in summer:

  • Lehsun chutney
  • Ginger (Adrak) chutney
  • Mirchi chutney
  • Chilli garlic chutney/ dips
  • Schezwan chutney

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Discussing all these yummy chutneys has made us hungry! Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments.

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