5 Easy And Yummy Ways To Add Raw Mangoes To Your Weight Loss Diet

It is always a good idea to take advantage of seasonal fruits. With summer in full swing, many of us must be enjoying ripe and juicy mangoes. But you must not ignore the unripe ones either. We are talking about green or raw mangoes (kairi), which are also widely available in the market right now. Many traditional recipes use raw mango for its distinctive tart taste. Some of us may have the habit of eating slices of raw mango with salt or masala. The good news is that these green mangoes are quite nutritious. You can consume them even if you’re on a weight-loss diet. Here’s why:

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Are Raw Mangoes Good For Weight Loss?


Green mangoes are good for weight loss.

  • Green mangoes are rich in dietary fibre. They can promote satiety and keep cravings at bay. Feeling full for longer can help you stick to your weight loss goals.
  • The calorie and sugar content of raw mangoes won’t pose a problem to your weight loss diet, as both are low.
  • Raw mangoes are known to aid in digestion and may boost metabolism too. Having a good metabolism can help you shed those extra kilos.
  • Green mangoes can detoxify the body and keep it well hydrated. When your body is free from toxins and well-nourished, it processes nutrients better. This can benefit your fitness efforts as well as your overall health.

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Apart from this, raw mangoes are known to boost immunity as well as heart health. They are rich in antioxidants and also contain vitamins C, A, B, potassium, calcium, magnesium and niacin. So you should definitely consider adding them to your diet.

Here Are 5 Easy And Yummy Ways To Consume Raw Mangoes On A Weight Loss Diet

If you are trying to manage your weight, you need to be careful of your sugar intake. Many recipes with raw as well as ripe mangoes often include too much sugar or other fattening foods. Hence, you need to be careful. We have narrowed down a list of 5 easy and healthy recipes full of weight-loss-friendly ingredients. So if you’re tired of eating raw mango plain, you can try making one of these:

1. Kairi Chutneys:

There are many ways of making green mango chutney. You can try a traditional aam ki launji (recipe here) or a sweet-and-spicy chutney with a smoky flavour like this one. Nutritionist Pooja Makhija recently shared a quick recipe for yet another kind of raw mango chutney. You can watch the recipe video here. Most of these chutneys can be stored for a number of days, and thus you can enjoy them with multiple meals.

2. Special Aam Panna:

Drink the benefits of raw mango with some refreshing aam panna. Now, you may point out that this drink often contains sugar. But we have found a special, weight-loss-friendly recipe for this popular summer beverage, shared by a health expert. It uses a healthy sugar substitute and is equally delicious. Check out the recipe here.


Make tasty aam panna from raw mangoes.

3. Green Mango Salad:

Any weight loss diet would be incomplete without a salad. Adding raw mango to your salad would give it a fresh and tangy hit that would surely take it to the next level. This particular recipe includes onions, mint, chillies, lettuce and more. Click here for the full recipe. 

4. Raw Mango Rasam:

Also known as mangai rasam, this green mango rasam is an aromatic dish you can enjoy as it is or with some rice. It is filled with the flavours of tomato and a host of wonderful spices. Each of the ingredients is full of nutrients and can be safely consumed on a weight-loss diet. A little bit of toor dal is also added, to enhance the texture of this broth-like dish. Find the full recipe of the rasam here.


Prepare tasy rasam from raw mangoes.

5. Rajasthani Kairi Curry

Another way to relish raw mangoes during lunch or dinner is with this yummy Rajasthani-style curry. It is typically served with khoba roti, made using coarse whole wheat flour. The curry itself is cooked in mustard oil, and contains spices like fennel, cumin, bay leaves, coriander and many more! A wholesome and healthy regional dish, this one is a must-try. Click here for the full recipe.

Try one of these recipes for your next meal and experience how satisfying they are!

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