5 Healthy And Delicious Summer Salads To Stay Refreshed This Season

Temperatures are on the rise and we are all struggling to cope. The weather can also affect our dietary choices. When it is so hot outside, some of us may find it difficult to eat certain foods. We may feel like only chugging gallons of juices and cold drinks in such conditions. But it is important to maintain a balance. While you must stay well hydrated, you also need to provide your body with nutrients that only food can provide. So what should you be eating? Salads are a great option during summer because they are refreshing as well as satisfying. Moreover, they are very convenient to prepare as you simply need to mix the ingredients together!

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Here Are 5 Delicious Salad Recipes To Try This Summer:

1. Fruit Salad With Honey Lime Dressing

Summer salads need to be light. It is best to avoid loading them with heavy dressings or thick sauces. A good option is making a honey lime dressing. All you need to do is whisk together approximately equal parts of honey and lemon juice with a little salt and pepper in a bowl. Yes, it’s that simple! Later, all you need to do is pour the sweet and tangy dressing on top of the cut fruits of your choice and toss them well. We recommend mango, muskmelon (cantaloupe), grapes, pineapple, kiwis and peaches.

fruit salad

Add fresh fruits to your daily diet.

2. Watermelon Salads

It wouldn’t be summer without gorging on watermelon and slurping its refreshing juice. A third and equally yummy way to enjoy this fruit is by making salads with it. And we don’t just mean fruit salads. You can combine pieces of watermelon with veggies and herbs to make some wonderful summer salads. For instance, you could try a Mediterranean Watermelon Salad with lettuce, capsicum, onion, cucumbers, etc. seasoned with mustard, oregano, cumin, olive oil and more. Click here for the full recipe. 

watermelon salad

Juicy and refreshing watermelon salad. 

There are other nutritious and yummy ways to include watermelon in your salads. Here are a few more options.

3. Fruit Cube Salad:

This one is more about the presentation: If you want a fun and quirky way to serve your salad, opt for a fruit cube salad. You can use kiwis, watermelon, muskmelon and pineapple. This recipe also used marshmallows to enhance the look and texture, but you can swap it out with another fruit if you wish. Seasonings are optional: you can top the fruits with a little sesame, cinnamon powder or any flavour you like. Click here for the step-by-step recipe

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4. Kosambari Salad:

If you’re looking for non-fruit summer salads, then this traditional moong dal salad is a must-try. Kosambari is a nutritious preparation from the state of Karnataka and there are multiple versions of it. One recipe uses moong dal, cucumber, grated coconut, coriander, mustard, hing (asafoetida) and green chillies. The cucumber and the coconut keep you feeling especially refreshed, while the dal keeps you energised. Click here for the full recipe.

5. Raw Mango Salad:

Our list would be incomplete if we did not include a mango summer salad. Of course, ripe mangoes are a great ingredient. But the delicious tartness of raw mango (kairi) can amp up your salad in amazing ways too. You can make a healthy vegetable salad using cucumber, lettuce, beans, baby corn, pomegranate, cherry tomatoes and finally, raw mango. Can you already imagine the lovely colours and flavours of this salad? We can! Watch the recipe video for this salad here.

If you’re still looking for more fruit salad recipes, check out this list.

Which of these are you going to try first? Let us know in the comments below.

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