5 Healthy And Interesting Ways To Add Basil To Your Daily Diet

Basil has been widely grown and used in India since ancient times. In other countries too, it has various medicinal as well as culinary applications. If you are looking for a different type of herb to add to your diet, you should consider basil. Apart from nutrients, this herb also contains essential oils that are said to have healing properties. You may find dried basil leaves packaged as seasoning in stores and supermarkets. But fresh basil leaves are much more nutritious and can provide you with a number of advantages. Find out more below.

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Is Basil Good For Health? Top Benefits Of Tulsi

Prevents digestive issues

Basil contains the phytonutrient eugenol, which has anti-inflammatory properties. Basil can help soothe your system and prevent tummy problems. It can especially help relieve indigestion and bloating. Basil can also balance the pH level of the body and promote overall gut health.


Basil has anti inflammatory properties. Photo Credit: unsplash

Good for your liver

Basil has detoxifying properties that help cleanse your system and keep it functioning well. Basil is also said to support liver health and may help prevent fat build-up in the liver.

Boosts immunity

Basil has antibacterial properties that can protect you against a variety of infections. It is also rich in antioxidants that can help prevent free radical damage, reduce oxidative stress and enhance your immune system.

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May help diabetics

Research suggests that basil can help control blood glucose levels. It has a low glycaemic load, and may thus be useful for diabetics. The essential oils present in basil can also lower cholesterol and triglycerides.

Can aid in weight loss

Basil is low in calories and can boost your metabolism. Given its detoxifying and digestion-friendly properties, it becomes even more useful for those on a weight-loss diet.

Besides these benefits, basil is also said to promote skin and heart health. Now, here’s how you can consume more of it:

Here Are 5 Healthy And Interesting Ways To Add Basil (Tulsi) To Your Daily Diet:

As a drink

Tulsi is often consumed as a kadha or a special herbal tea. You can make a simple concoction using basil, ginger, turmeric (haldi) and water. Read more about it here. You can also make tulsi tea by boiling the leaves with the water. Later, simply add honey according to your preference. Find out more here. 

You can also introduce basil into drinks like cucumber juices, just add a few tulsi leaves to the blender while preparing it.


Make fresh basil juice at home. Photo Credit: istock

As a chutney

One of the most convenient ways of consuming more basil is making a chutney with it. Then you can pair it with all your favourite foods and snacks. You can even store it for longer than you can store the leaves themselves. This recipe combines the goodness of basil with that of coriander, onions and apples! Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Click here for the full recipe

As a dip spread

Give your usual hummus a green twist by adding some basil to it. You can then use it like any other dip or spread. It is made in olive oil and contains very little cheese. Find the complete recipe here.


Pesto Recipe: This sauce is typically made with basil, but other greens can also be used. Photo Credit: iStock

As a pasta sauce

One of the best ways of consuming basil is in the form of Italian pesto. This is especially popular as a pasta sauce. To make it healthier, you might want to reduce the cheese content slightly. This refreshing sauce is full of nutrients and flavours you will find hard to resist. Click here for the recipe.

While cooking chicken or fish

You can also introduce basil into dishes with chicken or fish. Take Gka Prow Gai, for example. This is a Thai chicken dish that greatly relies on the flavour of basil. Click here for the recipe. Another dish you could try is Tulsi Ajwain Ka Mahi Tikka. This wonderful fish appetiser derives its flavour from basil as well as carom seeds (ajwain). Full recipe here.

You can use the above chutney/dip to make basil-flavoured sandwiches. Or you can simply add chopped basil to your usual stuffing, like in this paneer sandwich (recipe here). 

There are such delicious ways to relish this herb, so you better get started!

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