5 Healthy Gluten-Free Grains You Should Add To Your Diet

There are a variety of grains available across the world. Grains like wheat, rye, and barley contain gluten in them. For those who don’t know much about gluten, it is a protein naturally found in some of the grains. Although having gluten is not risky, some people follow a gluten-free diet due to health issues like celiac disease, which makes a person allergic to gluten. It causes inflammation in the intestines and creates complications for the body to absorb nutrients. Besides this, diabetic people too prefer a gluten-free diet. If you are someone who is looking for gluten-free grain options, you must go through the list we have prepared for you.

Here Are 5 Healthy Gluten-Free Grains:

1. Oats

We all know oats are a healthy food option. But did you know that it is also a gluten-free grain? Yes, oats are perfect for people following a gluten-free diet. Apart from this, they also provide fibre, protein, and other essential nutrients. The best way to prepare this healthy grain is by preparing a hot bowl of oats with milk and honey.

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2. Quinoa

Quinoa is one of the most popular gluten-free grains. It is packed with antioxidants and is rich in protein too. It is a perfect ingredient to add to your healthy diet, as you can prepare delicious meals from it. For example, you can make a quinoa salad, patties, pancakes, porridge etc.

3. Buckwheat

Buckwheat flour is also known as kuttu in Hindi. This grain is a great substitute for wheat and it is gluten-free. It is also a great source of protein and improves bone health. You can make a variety of dishes from buckwheat including roti, pancakes, laddoos, and puris.

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Buckwheat or kuttu is another gluten-free grain. 

4. Amaranth

Another gluten-free grain that you can add to your diet is amaranth. It is also called rajgira, ramdana, and chaulai in Hindi. Amaranth is a light brown grain that is extremely healthy as it is power-packed with calcium, iron, and zinc. Make tasty pancakes, rotis, and pakodas from this healthy flour.

5. Sorghum

Also known as jowar, sorghum is a gluten-free grain widely cultivated in India. This grain has many health benefits. It is great for diabetic people, as the fibre present in jowar absorbs the sugar and maintains the blood sugar levels. Besides this, it also improves digestion and boosts immunity. Add this to your diet by preparing jowar flour and making chapatis from it.

Hope you found these gluten-free grain options helpful. Add these to your diet and lead a healthy life.

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