6 Easy Tips To Keep Ginger And Garlic Fresh In Summer

Two ingredients that are utilised in kitchens year-round are ginger and garlic. These organic components are widely used in cooking around the world because they have a distinct flavour. In addition to being excellent flavour enhancers, ginger and garlic are loaded with health advantages. If you weren’t aware, ginger has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities that help to lower inflammation in the body. Garlic on the other hand acts as a natural antibacterial and immune system booster. While both of these foods stay fresh for a long time in winter, they easily go bad in the summer season. Check out these helpful tips below to keep ginger and garlic fresh in summer.

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How To Keep Garlic Fresh In Summer:

1. Store Garlic In A Dark Place

Most of us put garlic in a basket on our kitchen countertop, which is the proper way to store them. However, be careful and do not put them close to a window where the garlic would be exposed to direct sunlight. Garlic can quickly dry out and sprout when exposed to sunlight.


Garlic is rich in antioxidants. Photo Credit: pixabay

2. Good Air Circulation Is Important

The ideal way to store garlic is at room temperature with excellent airflow. Why? Because garlic will quickly deteriorate if stored in wet and humid conditions. Therefore, it is important they are kept in a mesh basket with adequate airflow.

3. Store In An Air Tight Container

Use this procedure right away if you think the room temperature is rising and could shorten the garlic’s shelf life. Simply peel the garlic pods and store them in a container that is airtight. Don’t forget to put the container in the fridge.

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How To Keep Ginger Fresh In Summer:

1. Keep In Refrigerator

We all know that ginger does not keep well at room temperature. It tends to dry up after a few days if it is kept in a sunlight-exposed area. So, what should one do to keep it fresher for longer? Make sure to always store unpeeled ginger in the refrigerator at a cold temperature as it will keep ginger juicy and fresh for weeks.


Store ginger in refrigerator. Photo Credit: pixabay

2. Store In Zip-Lock Bag

Ginger gets moldy in summer and this is why it’s best not to keep it in the kitchen. If you want to maintain its freshness for at least 1 month, you can simply do so by keeping pieces of ginger in a zip-lock bag. Once you seal the bag, no moisture will enter the ginger, which will increase its shelf life.

3. Store In Airtight Container

At times we chop a lot of ginger and it doesn’t come fully to use while cooking. Since it’s unpeeled, there is a chance that it can spoil easily. But don’t worry! You can store the unpeeled or chopped ginger for one to two weeks easily. Just place them in an airtight box and store them in the refrigerator.

Although one can easily keep ginger and garlic fresh in the summer season, it’s best advised to buy them in less quantity to avoid spoilage.

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