6 Lesser-Known Summer Drinks From Across India You Have To Try

When the weather is hot, there is nothing as comforting as a drink with natural ingredients. Whether it’s plain coconut water, nimbu paani or masala chaas, such drinks also seem to provide more refreshment than any packaged options. In India, we have many traditional recipes for summer drinks. For ages, Indians have been beating the heat with lassi, jal jeera, kokum sherbet, aam panna, etc. These beverages are pretty well-known. But there are many other drinks that may be popular in a particular region, but you may not have heard of. This season, why not explore these lesser-known options? Check out the list below, along with easy recipes for each drink.

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Here Are 6 Regional Drinks From India To Try This Summer:

1. Mango Kulukki

This drink is from Kerala, where “kulukki” means “shaken” in the local language. Kulukki can have other flavours like rose and orange, but our special recommendation is the green mango one. Apart from raw mango juice, this sherbet requires green chillies, lime juice, honey or sugar, and sabja seeds. It can be prepared in just a few minutes and is weight-loss friendly too. Read about its benefits and check out the full recipe here.

2. Aam Jhol

Want another kind of green mango drink? Then Bengali aam jhol is a must-try. There are many ways of enjoying this delicacy – people tend to pair it with other foods like curry. But it is also popular as a palate cleanser after meals, thanks to its detoxifying and hydrating properties. This drink is a traditional and delicious way to enjoy raw mangoes this season. It also contains the goodness of mint and cumin. Click here for the complete recipe.


Aam jhol is made from green mangoes.

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3. Daab Sharbat

Another Bengali drink to try this summer is Daab Sharbat. Popular in Kolkata, this beverage has a fascinating history (Read more about it here) You can easily make Daab Sharbat at home. All you need is tender coconut, lime juice, sugar, salt and ice cubes. Choose this drink the next time you want something coconut-flavoured. Check out the full recipe here.

4. Elaneer Milkshake

Coconut is one of the most common summer ingredients and for good reason. Apart from its water, its milk, as well as pulp (‘malai’), are full of nutrients. In South India, people often relish Elaneer Milkshake in this season (elaneer actually refers to coconut). To make this unique milkshake, you need tender coconut pulp as well as water, chilled milk and sugar. So simple, yet so nourishing! Click here for the complete recipe.


Coconut is low in carbs.Photo Credit: iStock

5. Imli Ka Amlana

This Mewari drink relies on the cooling properties of tamarind (imli) – an ingredient that is widely used in Indian cuisine. It also contains a hint of pepper, cardamom and mint. This Rajasthani drink is the perfect balance of sweet, sour and lightly spiced and you are sure to savour it. Read more about the benefits of Imli Ka Amlana and how to make it here.

6. Sattu Sharbat

The state of Bihar is especially famous for its traditional sattu sharbat. The base of this nutritious drink is sattu, a type of flour made using chana (Bengal gram). Sattu is a weight-loss-friendly ingredient and can be consumed in many ways. To make this sharbat, sattu powder is typically mixed with roasted cumin powder, mint, lime juice, salt and water. This drink is not only quite hydrating but it is also rich in protein. Read its recipe and benefits here.

Now you have these new, delicious choices for summer beverages. Let us know how you like them! For more such traditional drinks, check out this list

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