6 Yummy Tomato Chutney Recipes To Try From Different Regions

A bowl or even a spoonful of chutney can make a huge difference to any meal. Many of us have our favourite chutneys which we eat with different types of foods – there’s the evergreen hari chutney, the refreshing coconut chutney, the tangy tamarind (imli) chutney, and so many more! Indian cuisine has innumerable options when it comes to this side dish. One category of chutney that seems to be popular in various corners of the country is tomato chutney. Each region seems to have their own version of it. Curious to know more? Then check out the list with recipes below.

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Here Are 6 Yummy Tomato Chutney Recipes To Try From Different Regions:

1. South Indian-Style Tomato Chutney

We often pair our idlis, dosas and uttapams with sambhar and/or white chutney. If you want to spice up your meal, then some South-style tomato chutney will do the job perfectly. Apart from tomatoes, small quantities of ginger, garlic and mustard are combined with red chilli powder and curry leaves to make a visually pleasing and mouth-watering chutney. Find the complete recipe here.

tomato chutney

Pair tomato chutney with idli or uttapam.

2. Bengali Tomato Chutney

This Bengali-style chutney is an aromatic choice. Ingredients include ginger, pepper, cumin seeds, fennel seeds and other spices. Made in mustard oil, it is packed with wonderful flavours that you are sure to love. In the state, it is often relished at the end of the meal. Click here to know more about it and read the full recipe.

3. Bihari Tamatar Chutney

Bihar-style tomato chutney is a combination of irresistible flavours including onion, garlic, chillies and cumin. Mustard oil can be added to further enhance the taste of this North Indian chutney. You can pair it with classic Bihari dishes like litti-chokha, but also with other Indian snacks like pakoras. It is sure to give a hearty upgrade to any meal. Click here for the full recipe


Bihari-style tomato chutney. Photo Credit: iStock

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4. Dhaba-Style Tomato Chutney

This is another North-style chutney, though it is difficult to pin down its exact origins. The uniqueness of this chutney lies in its smoky flavour. Tomatoes, onions, green chillies and garlic are roasted before being ground together. This chutney can be a wholesome accompaniment to your roti-sabzi, dal chawal and much more. Watch the recipe video here.

5. Maharashtrian-Style Tomato Chutney

There is no one recipe for Tomato Chutney in Maharashtra and it seems that it varies from household to household. Check out a general recipe here.

Apart from garlic, it tends to contain cumin, mustard, curry leaves, etc. You could add coriander and onion according to your taste. Another way to infuse Maharashtrian flavours into your chutney is to add a bit of goda masala. You can find the recipe for it here.

6. Nepali Tomato Chutney

For a change, let us go outside the borders of India. This Nepali-style chutney is another yummy variation of the tamatar-lehsun combination. An amazing balance of spicy and tangy, this tomato chutney also has a strong garlic flavour. It requires everyday ingredients and just a few minutes to prepare. It also has a hint of coriander and goes especially well with momos. Watch the recipe video here.

Which of these chutneys sounds the most appealing to you? Let us know in the comments.

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