9 Of The Best Beer Brands In India

What comes to your mind when we say beer? A chilled drink to enjoy on a hot summer day, or a beverage to unwind after a hectic day of work – much relatable? One of the most popular alcohols in India, the history of beer in the country dates back to as early as 1500 BC. It was then a concoction of rice and barley, infused with local fruits to prepare what they called ‘Sura’. Eventually, in 1830, Edward Abraham Dyer travelled from the United Kingdom to India and set up the country’s first brewery – the Kasauli Brewery. Since then, we have seen a large number of people enjoying both homegrown and imported beers (from different parts of the world). In fact, today you will find a wide range of beer options across India, often confusing us which one to opt for.

Fret not; as always, we have got you covered. We have curated a list of our favourite beer brands available in India. Let’s take you through the options.

Here’re Top 9 Beer Brands In India:

1. Six Fields:

A Belgian-style wheat beer, Six Fields has a rich colour, smooth taste and exotic aroma – specially made for people who enjoy fine alcohol. Brewed by Devans Modern Breweries Ltd (of Godfather beer), this homegrown, crafted drink is infused in desi spices including coriander to release an aroma that instantly tugs at heartstrings. The brand recently launched two new flavours: Six Fields Cult and Six Fields Blanche. Six Fields Cult comes with a citrusy spin. Its lingering freshness of orange peel and the sweet and aromatic hint of coriander invigorates the senses.  Six Fields Blanche is a Belgian-style white Blanche beer, carefully weaved in six ingredients. Steeped in the sweet notes of wheat, Six Fields Blanche is available in cans, bottles, and kegs.

2. Godfather:

One of the oldest beer brands in India, Godfather is a flagship beer brand of Devans Modern Breweries Limited of Jammu, established in 1961. It is available in two – Super 8 with eight percent ABV and Legendry with 7.2 percent ABV. However, because of its brewing cycle, Godfather tastes a bit more bitter than other Indian beers.

3. Kingfisher:

It is probably one of the most popular Indian beer brands we can think of. Brewed by United Breweries Group, the Bangalore-based brand was established in 1970. Kingfisher offers a range of beers as per your preference. If you enjoy your beer strong, go for Kingfisher Strong. The ones who like light beer, would love Kingfisher Ultra. Besides, the brand has also launched its craft beer – Ultra Witbier – for the people who like their drink premium and customised.

4. Budweiser:

Another much popular beer in India, Budweiser is a medium-bodied, American-style drink, brewed with the choicest hops and barley. It is available in bars and wine shops across India and has a crisp texture and flavours to it. In fact, Budweiser has a certain smoothness to it, making the drink widely available across the globe.

5. White Rhino:

This Belgian-style wheat beer is considered one of the finest craft beers in India. It is light and infused with refreshing flavours of orange peel, coriander seeds et al. It is smooth and easy to drink for all.

6. Simba:

Another homegrown beer, Simba is crafted and customised as per your palate. It has four different variants – wit, stout, light and strong. While wit one is refreshing with infused flavours of Indian spices, the stout one is rich, dark coloured, with bold and roasty flavours, with hints of chocolate, caramel etc. On the other hand, Simba light is smooth and crisp and Simba strong has an overpowering taste and aroma.

7. Corona:

If you are someone who enjoys that bitter-sweet taste in your drink, then Corona is the drink for you. It is a concoction of malted barley, corn and yeast, this beer is medium-bodied and has a strong aroma to it. Just pour a bottle of Corona into a beer mug, add a slice of lime and enjoy! Trust us, it is just so refreshing.

8. CISK 0.0 

L’Opera introduced the CISK 0.0 – non-alcoholic Lager imported from Malta in all its outlets across Delhi NCR. CISK 0.0 alcohol-free beer, 100% flavour and 0% alcohol, was only recently introduced in 2021. It is fermented with the same ingredients as a CISK Lager but later is stripped off all its alcoholic content. Hence, one gets to enjoy the same malty and fruity finish without the presence of any alcohol. One can happily drink this during office hours, before driving or in the evening with family and friends.

9. Proost

Proost beer is the latest high-quality beer brand with a smooth and distinctive flavour at affordable pricing. The company sources its raw material from international and local suppliers. It has recently raised funding from angel investors in the popular show ‘Shark Tank India’. 

Like us, are you too craving some beer now? If yes, we suggest, wrap all your work, grab a bottle and enjoy. But remember, always drink responsibly! And never drink and drive.

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