A Twitter User Says, “Idli Is Better With Misal.” Internet Disagrees

Food combinations are tricky. At times they turn out to be a lip-smacking delicious experience, but there is also a possibility of them turning into a disaster. Several unique and bizarre food combinations like French fries and ice cream, Oreo pakoda, Roohafza chai, Fanta Maggi among others went viral on the internet. Another strange combo made it to this list today, leaving the internet divided. We are talking about idli and misal. 

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A Twitter user picked an element from the best of two worlds (Maharashtrian and South Indian cuisine) and paired them together for a meal. Her platter featured two idlis, a bowl of misal, a slice of lemon among other accompaniments. “Idli hits better with misal ngl,” she captioned the post. 

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Typically, idli is relished with a traditional South Indian gravy prepared with numerous vegetables called sambhar. On the other hand, misal is a Maharashtrian dish which is served with pav. 

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Even though idli and misal are not much of a bizarre combo, Twitter doesn’t approve of it. 

“This is disrespect to idli,” a user reacted. 

Another said, “Leave my beautiful country.”

“Kam se kam 50 saal ki saza honi chahiye aisa bolne ke liye (people should be punished for 50 years to say this),” a person reacted. 

People went a step ahead and shared their favourite combinations starring idli. Some even gave a north Indian touch to the dish by adding the aloo matar gravy to the equation. 

One of them said, “Kabhi idli chai try karo (you must try idli and tea).”

Is anyone up for “rava idli with aloo matar gravy?”

A user suggested, “Try idlis with Malga podi.”

In case you are willing to try out this combo at home, we have got you some classic recipes that will make the job easier. Here is the recipe to prepare soft fluffy idlis, and for the misal recipe, click here.

Do you approve of this combo? 

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