Amul Celebrates Apple Store Launch In Mumbai With Quirky Doodle

The world of technology has been buzzing with excitement, especially in India. Tech giant Apple has launched its very first retail store in Mumbai’s Bandra Kurla Complex. Long queues and excited fans thronged the event as Apple CEO Tim Cook inaugurated the store himself. India is a key market for Apple and a major focus area, especially in the year 2023 which marks 25 years of its presence in the country. This milestone moment will also be commemorated with another store to be inaugurated in Delhi soon. A number of brands chimed in with their take on this news from the world of tech, including dairy brand Amul.

Amul is known for its quirky creatives on news topics from all over the world, including news, entertainment and technology. Their food-related wordplay and quick wit win over foodies online. This topical was no different. Take a look:

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“Apple’s first store in India opens in Mumbai,” wrote the dairy brand on Instagram. In the quirky doodle, we could see the Amul girl seated with Apple CEO Tim Cook. The duo was enjoying a plate each of buttered toasts, with butter smeared on the CEO’s fingers. In the classic Apple way of naming their products, Amul also joined the fun by making a product called ‘iMaska’. “iMaska for all,” they wrote as the header text. They also tried a clever pun with the word ‘Cook’ and mentioned the tagline, “Cook with it!”

This is not the only food-related news from the Apple store launch to have gone viral. When Apple CEO Tim Cook was in Mumbai, actress Madhuri Dixit treated him to a delicious street-style snack – none other than vada pav. The pictures from their visit to the famous ‘Swati Snacks’ in Mumbai went viral. Click here to read more about this story.

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