Ban It Now: Bizarre Dosa Made With Aamras And Cheese Has Internet Aghast

The internet is home to some bizarre experiments especially when it comes to food. From chocolate pani puri to maggi sandwich, we have seen all this and more. Street food vendors are showing no signs of stopping especially when it comes to innovating with foods that are popular among locals. Take dosa for instance. The humble South Indian treat has found its way to our palate in multiple meals and various forms. There is the classic masala dosa, the new-age cheese dosa and even the ghee roast dosa! Recently, another new form of dosa has surfaced on the internet and has left internet users aghast – the aamras and cheese dosa. Take a look:

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The video was shared on Instagram reels by Ahmedabad-based blogger @foodie_eraa, where it received over 2.9 million views and 29.2k likes. “Cheesy Aamras Dosa,” he captioned the video. In the clip, we could see the making of the aamras and cheese dosa. First, a cup full of dosa batter was poured onto a heated tawa. Once it was half-cooked, a generous amount of aamras was spread top of the dosa. This was further drizzled with grated cheese, dry fruits and coriander leaves. The dosa was then cut up and served in roll style as is the trend these days.

The bizarre viral video of aamras dosa left internet users aghast. Several thousand users reacted in the comments section about how strange this fusion food was. “Filing a petition to ban all stuff like this… spoiling the original flavor of a particular food,” said one user. “In a few days we will watch watermelon dosa sprinkled with watermelon seeds,” laughed another one.

What did you think of the aamras dosa? Would you try such a creation? Tell us in the comments.

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