Banana Kheer For Breakfast Or Dessert? Try The Healthy Recipe And Decide

Have you ever considered having desi dessert for breakfast? Sounds wild, right? Breakfasts are meant to be healthy and wholesome and having a piece of chocolate cake or a bowl of halwa disturbs the cycle for the entire day. These decadent delicacies add extra calories to your morning meal, further disrupting the metabolic process. What if we say we have changed the situation around, just for you?! You heard us. We found a recipe that is not only indulgent but also loads you up with several essential nutrients. The dish is called banana kheer. Call it a kheer, pudding or porridge, banana kheer strikes the right balance between health and taste.

What Is The Importance Of Having Wholesome Breakfast?

It is rightly stated, “Morning shows the day”, meaning how you start the day is important to define how the rest of the day is going to be. And here, your breakfast has a major role to play. Having a nutrient-rich, wholesome breakfast helps you stay active throughout the day. It not only refuels you with energy but also boosts digestion, aids weight loss and prevents the risk of diabetes and other such lifestyle diseases.
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Why Banana Kheer Is Considered A Wholesome Breakfast?

You must be wondering how kheer can be healthy! A classic Indian dessert, kheer is traditionally made with rice boiled in milk and sugar. If you explore, you would also find different variations of kheer. Somewhere, rice is substituted with carrot, nuts or even potato, somewhere people add plum sugar or jaggery to make it healthier.
For banana kheer, we mixed banana and milk and topped it with the goodness of jaggery. While banana adds healthy carbs, potassium, fibre and vitamins to your diet, milk contains a good amount of calcium and protein. Then there is jaggery, adding sweetness and nutrients like iron to the dish. These factors make banana kheer a perfect dish to include in your morning meal.
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Should You Have Banana And Milk Together?

Bananas and milk have been a traditional meal combination across the globe. According to health experts, both ingredients are loaded with macronutrients (proteins, fats, carbs) and help promote digestion and metabolism, further regulating overall gut health. But always remember, have it in moderation as an excess of everything is considered bad for health.

Banana Kheer Recipe | How To Make Banana Kheer:

It is a super easy recipe. All you need to do is, boil the milk and mix it with mashed banana to get a thick and creamy, kheer-like consistency. Then add some nuts of your choice and kesar for colour. We used almonds, pistachio and some walnuts.
Finally, when you get the desired consistency, add some jaggery and mix. Finally, garnish with some sliced banana and serve. Banana adds a sweet flavour to your dish, so add jaggery wisely. You can avoid it completely if you want. Click here for the detailed recipe.
Try this yummy dessert for breakfast and give a sweet start to your day. Have a nice day, everyone!

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