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The Indian summer is underway and several parts of the country have been reeling under high temperatures. Summer is a time to keep oneself hydrated. To beat the heat during a heat wave, it’s crucial to stay hydrated and consume foods that can help lower your body temperature. Coconut water is an age-old favourite but what if we decide to give it a twist? Nutritionist Loveneet Batra recently took to Instagram and shared how we can jazz regular coconut water up a little. Let’s check out her recipe for Fennel & Mint Coconut Cooler.

Beat The Heat: Benefits of Fennel & Mint Coconut Cooler

Batra took to Instagram to share the following:

– Coconut water is nature’s gift to mankind as it is an excellent hydrator. The basic ion composition of coconut can replenish the electrolyte of the human body excreted through sweat such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium.

– The vitamin C properties of fennel seeds powder reduce inflammation caused in the body due to heat. Besides that, these seeds also stimulate intestinal juices, promote proper digestion, and reduce acid reflux.

– The high content of menthol in peppermint produces a chilling effect on the cells of body, assisting in lowering the elevated body temperatures

– Chia seeds are considered cooling agents as it helps in retaining the water content in our body and keeps it hydrated.

How To Prepare Fennel & Mint Coconut Cooler


Coconut water


1/2 tsp fennel seed powder

1/2 tsp powdered mint leaves

1 tsp soaked chia seeds

Pinch of pink salt

How to prepare: Mix all the ingredients to enjoy a yummy and healthy summer drink.

Check out Loveneet’s Instagram post below:


So enjoy a glass of this amazing coconut cooler and sail through the summer months like a boss!

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