Bengaluru Cafe Returns Mans Wallet After He Loses It, Twitter Is Impressed

There are countless hilarious incidents and anecdotes that surface on the internet, which we often come across while scrolling through our daily news feed. Some of these moments leave us laughing, while others leave us impressed. One such awe-inspiring incident was shared by a Twitter user that had us amazed. Rohit Ghumare shared the story of how he lost his wallet while in Bengaluru, and the cafe he dined at actually tracked him down and returned it. Take a look:

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The incident was shared by the Bengaluru resident on his Twitter handle @ghumare64. The tweet has received over 40.3k views and hundreds of comments and likes. He explained how he panicked after losing his wallet in the city, but then things finally turned his way. “Bangalore is something else. I lost my wallet filled with my credit/debit cards as well as important documents. I panicked,” he wrote. “Surprisingly I received one call from the cafe I went to yesterday. How they found my number? They googled my name. I guess this is peak Bengaluru moment (sic),” explained Ghumare in his tweet.
The heartwarming story impressed Twitter users online. Many of them said that this could only happen in Bengaluru. “Bangalore is lovely man,” said one user. “Want to know the name of this cafe,” wrote another user. A couple of others said that this was indeed a ‘Peak Bengaluru’ moment that was characteristic of the garden city.
Take a look at some of the reactions:

This is not the only peak Bengaluru moment to have gone viral in the past. Previously, Twitter users had encountered a juice seller in the city who also advertised on his YouTube channel. The enterprising spirit of the juice seller garnered praise online. Click here to read more about this story.

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