Bhagyashree Recommends This Super Seed To Beat The Heat During Summers

Chia seeds have become quite popular as superfood. Though they may seem too tiny to be helpful for your health, they are like those mini crackers which make the maximum combustion when put into action. These pockets of nutrition, required in small quantities, give you the most benefits. Best part? They are easily available and can be used in almost everything – cereals and yogurt to smoothies, drinks and even energy bars. Our obsession with chia seeds is pretty evident. But, we are not alone. Bhagyashree also shares a similar emotion. 

The actress often gives us a sneak peek of her healthy indulgences and shares fruitful diet tips. In her Instagram series called #TuesdaytipswithB, Bhagyashree explains the health benefits of various fruits, vegetables and other ingredients. This time, the ingredient under discussion is chia seeds. 

According to Bhagyashree, chia seeds are rich in all essential minerals and salts, which are “required to combat heat”. In addition, it also has “potassium, calcium, magnesium, folate, and fibre”, which is “ideal for weight watchers giving you a feeling of fullness”. Bhagyashree further mentioned that chia seeds are “an excellent solution” to avoid UTI (urinary tract infection), which usually happens when a person is dehydrated.

Wondering how to consume the chia seeds? The actress suggests soaking them for 20 minutes in water and mixing them in sharbat, nimbu pani, milkshakes or any dessert. You can also add them to your fruit and salad bowls. 

“Summer sets in and you need relief. These little seeds are known for their cooling effect. Just soak them for 20 mins in water and they are ready…mix them in sharbat, nimbupani, decorate your drinks, milkshakes, desserts. They have all the essential minerals and salts required to combat heat. Potassium, calcium, magnesium, folate, and fibre. Ideal for weight watchers giving you a feeling of fullness. It is also an excellent solution to avoid UTI, which usually happens when u are dehydrated,” Bhagyashree captioned the post.

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In case you are confused about how to include chia seeds into your diet, we have got some help. Here are 5 chia seeds recipes, which will make your job easier. 

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