Blogger Found “Biggest Butter Naan” On Delhi Streets. Internet Calls It “Biggest Sweaty Naan”

Indian cuisine offers the best of breads. From roomali roti and missi roti to kulcha and naan, these breads can be paired with almost any gravy to uplift the meal. Street-style meal calls for special breads, not just plain roti or paratha, and butter naan is the topmost choice of desi food lovers. And for those who have a huge appetite for these naans, a food blogger discovered a big naan to match their gluttony. In fact, he called it “the biggest butter naan.”
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Karan Dua, who shares his culinary discoveries on his Instagram page ‘dilsefoodie’ posted a video about this giant naan sold by a famous street food shop in Delhi. The video shows a man making the naan in a tandoor. He first flips the dough to loosen and lengthen it. Then he puts it over a round cloth pillow and pulls the ends to stretch it further. Then he places the naan in a tandoor to cook. Just after two minutes, the large naan comes out roasted well and is slathered with butter to serve. The caption of the video reads, “Biggest butter naan. Tag your friends and enjoy amazing dal makhani with this huge butter naan.”

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The Instagram video has gathered 382 K views so far and around 14 K people liked it but hundreds of comments suggest that many viewers were not entirely happy with it. Some people appreciated it by writing “Great technique”, “looks good” and “Iski daal bhi amazing hai” (This place serves good dal also).
But many people noticed how the man cooking the naan wraps it all over his arms while flipping it. They wrote comments like:
“It’s not butter naan, it’s sweaty naan.”
“Biggest Butter Naan, with tons of sweat enhancing the flavour.”
“Butter Naan with pasina flavour.”
“The Biggest Pasina Naan”
“Very unhygienic and you don’t need extra salt.”
“Butter Pasina Naan”
“Sweat Butter Naan”
“Namkeen Naan”
“Asli swaad khoon pasina ka hei” (The real taste is of blood and sweat)
“Personal flavour mixed, enhancing the quality of the food.”
Pasina flavour” 
“Butter ki jarurat nai pasina lag gaya hai already” (No need for butter, sweat is already there.)

One viewer even pointed out that this naan is not the biggest. “No it is not the biggest, you have tried Bhukhara naan in Delhi?”

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Biggest or not, this butter naan is huge enough to satiate hunger. 

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