Bored With Aam Panna? Try The Hyderabadi Version – Aab Shola

If there’s one thing, we love the most about summer, it is the range of coolers the season offers. Summer spoils us with the choicest of options including rose sherbet, mint cooler and nimbu paani to name a few. Another such drink that rules our hearts is aam panna. Made with raw mango pulp and a range of spices, aam panna is the perfect drink to make the season a bit bearable. It not only adds a burst of flavour to the palate but also cools us down instantly. You all have already had enough aam panna by now and you surely loved it. Right? If yes, then here’s another recipe that you should give a try. It’s called aab shola.

About Aab Shola:

The name sounds quite filmy, right? To put it simply, aab shola is considered the distant cousin to the classic aam panna. It is a raw mango-based drink and finds its roots in the kitchens of Hyderabad. In fact, visit any street-side juice corner in the city, you would find the drink being the best seller on the menu. That’s not all. Aab shola also makes for a popular welcome drink at every Hyderabadi household during the summer.
The quintessential aab shola recipe includes three basic ingredients – raw mango, salt and sugar. You can however customise the flavour profile by adding spices of your choice.
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What Makes Aab Shola A Popular Summer Drink:

1. It is hydrating:

The high-water content in the drink, along with the balance of salt and sugar, helps keep up the water balance in the body and makes up for the lost energy due to excess sweat.

2. It has cooling properties:

The raw mango used in the drink helps you cool down instantly and beat the heat outside. The antioxidants in the fruit also help prevent the body to heat up and fight against free radical damage.

3. It fights heat stroke:

Enriched with antioxidants, vitamins B, C, iron and more, this raw mango drink may help you prevent heat stroke, which is usually caused due to loss of sodium in the body.

4. It is good for digestion:

Aab shola is popularly consumed after meals. Raw mango helps stimulate the gastrointestinal tract which further secretes various digestive enzymes for proper digestion and metabolism.

5. It aids immunity:

Raw mango is seasonal and contains several essential nutrients. These factors further help nourish us from within and strengthen our immune health.
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Is It Okay To Drink Aab Shola Every Day?

Considering all the above-mentioned benefits, it seems aab shola makes for the perfect drink to beat the heat seamlessly. But remember, nothing in excess is good for health. The drink contains enough salt and sugar that can work negatively if consumed in excess. So, drink the sherbet in moderation and enjoy the benefits to the fullest.

Hyderabadi Mango Drink Recipe: How To Make Aab Shola At Home:

As mentioned earlier, aab shola needs just three basic ingredients – raw mango, sugar and salt. But to amp up the flavours, we love adding some roasted jeera powder to it. All you need to do is, prepare a concentrate with the ingredients, mix it with water and drink. That’s it. Click here for the detailed recipe.

How To Store Aab Shola Concentrate For Long:

If you are like us, then you too like to keep food in store whenever you need it. You can do the same with this Hyderabadi aam panna too. Prepare the concentrate, cool it down and pour it into a sterilised, air-tight glass bottle. Store it in the refrigerator and keep the concentrate fresh for at least a month.
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