Boy Asks Mom For Burger When Sick, What She Did Next Will Leave You In Splits

Whenever we fall sick, we are told to eat simple and light food made without too much oil or spices. Thus, we tend to avoid junk food entirely and sadly, give up on our favourite dishes too. But what should we do about our food cravings that refuse to abate? Recently, a viral tweet had a hilarious answer to this question. Twitter user ‘deefordaddy’ shared how her brother had fallen sick and was craving a burger during that time. Her mother found a hilarious and creative solution to his demand, and it will leave you in splits. Take a look at the tweet here:

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Shared on April 28, the tweet has received over 230k views and 6.5k likes. In the caption, the user narrated the hilarious anecdote about the ‘fruit burger’. “My brother wanted to eat a burger but he was sick, so my mom ordered fruits and did this,” she wrote in the tweet. In the click, we could see how the desi mom had a clever trick of making a burger but with fruits as the base. She sliced an apple into two to represent the buns. Then, she filled up the patty area with fruits such as bananas, grapes, slices of kiwi and watermelon. Thus, this was her way of feeding her son fruits in an all-new format in the guise of his favourite fast food!

The funny and creative solution by the desi mom received a plethora of reactions online. “Fruit burger. How creative,” wrote one user while another said, “This actually looks yum!” A number of others laughed at the ingenious mom and her creativity to feed her child good food. “Don’t let it reach to my mom,” said one user while another wrote, “Mothers are next level!” Food aggregator application Swiggy too re-tweeted the post on their feed and even responded in the comments section.

Take a look at the best reactions:

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