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Students across the country are awaiting their Board exam results – be it those who have appeared for CBSE Class 10 or 12 exams, ICSE and ISC exams, or several state board exams of India. Board exam results mean a lot to students as they are often considered the stepping stone to the future, the first significant step that opens the door for career pathways. No wonder, most students remain extremely tensed about the results. Experts say that during these times, it becomes all the more imperative for parents to ensure that their children are eating properly. Upasana Sharma, Head Dietician, Max Hospital, Gurgaon, shares, “Kids are very ambitious these days. They all want to achieve good marks and this experience of exams and results is very stressful, and something that is unavoidable. A child’s diet must be something that is looked after by the parents and it should not be neglected, it should be given prime importance.”

Eat Right: Essential Diet Tips For Students 

Not eating healthy can have ill effects and there can be long-term effects, shares Upasana Sharma. Here are some tips that she has for parents and students who are going through a stressful time:

1) It is very important that kids should have their breakfast. It should be the most important meal of the day and it should not be skipped.

2) Include high-protein foods like besan cheela, eggs, stuffed parathas, or sprouts in the diet. Anything made up of millets like millets upma or jawar roti or porridge should be included and it should be a wholesome meal.

3) It is also important that the meals are not neglected throughout the day; have small, frequent meals, apart from the three major meals – breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Have ample amounts of protein, they are a constant source of energy.

4) Protein-rich foods include eggs, sprouts, cheela, chana, dhokla etc. If the child is non-vegetarian, some amount of chicken and fish should also be included.

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5) Hydration is also important. At times kids do not like plain water, so we can use fruit juices that are freshly prepared at home, lemon water, coconut water, shakes, smoothies, and sattu drink. Do not encourage kids to drink tea or coffee.

6) Make sure the intake of sugar and salt is limited. Do not add excess salt or sugar to items like salads or fruit salads as the case may be. Limit consumption of processed food.

7) Including lots of fresh fruits and vegetables is important because they contain anti-oxidants like Vitamin A, C, and E, which reduce the damage to brain cells which happens due to high-stress levels, which can also cause the child to fall sick.

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