Chef Ranveer Brars Instagram Post On Banana Leaf Eating Is Too Hilarious To Miss

Are you someone who adds ice to their wine, or do you enjoy pairing fish with cheese? Sometimes, knowingly or unknowingly, we end up committing food faux pas that are considered unacceptable. In a recent Instagram post, Chef Ranveer Brar highlighted one such mistake that people make when enjoying South Indian cuisine. Can you guess what it is? Well, don’t even try, because the chef ridiculed those who use spoons to eat food served on a banana leaf. In India, serving food on banana leaves is an ancient tradition, particularly in the South, where it is regarded as both healthy and auspicious. Needless to say, the traditional way of eating from a banana leaf is with one’s hands.

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Ranveer Brar posted a picture of himself with an odd and critical expression, with the text “When you see people eating food on a banana leaf with a spoon.” He urged his followers to tag individuals who commit this food sin in the caption. Take a look:

In response to the post, Priya Vijan, a contestant from Masterchef India season 7, wrote, “Eating on a banana leaf is pure bliss.” Another user agreed with Ranveer Brar, stating, “The Garuda Purana has a separate punishment for those who use spoons to eat on banana leaves.” A different comment read, “Who are these people and where do they come from?” Several individuals admitted to using spoons while eating on banana leaves.

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The conventional practice of eating with our hands has mostly been replaced over time by the use of shiny cutlery. Some people even consider eating with hands unhygienic, but in reality, it has more health advantages than using spoons. Eating with your hands stimulates digestion and increases blood circulation. It also tends to decrease your appetite, aiding in weight loss. Several studies suggest that using utensils to eat may lead to faster eating, which has been linked to blood sugar imbalances and type-2 diabetes. As a result, it is recommended to abandon utensils and embrace eating with your hands.

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