Costly Meal At 5-Star Restaurant Angers Food Blogger. Internet Reacts To Tweet

Eating out is a rejuvenating experience. It gives us a much-needed break in the form of an outing, gives us time out from cooking and treats our taste buds to delicious flavours. That’s why some people don’t mind spending a little extra for a good meal at a fancy restaurant for the sheer luxury of it. But everyone wants to get the best bang for their buck. This food blogger was clearly not happy with the expensive meal she had at a 5-star restaurant. She took to Twitter to pour out her anger and asked fellow Twitter users about their opinion of spending too much money on a single meal.

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Bengaluru-based food blogger Kripal Amanna posted about her 5-course meal at a 5-star restaurant, which turned out to be quite costly according to her. She wrote, “7500 plus tax! Nearly 10 grand per person for a meal in Bengaluru! For food alone, five courses look good but not overly spectacular or exotic. Is it just me who thinks our five-star hotels now dwell in a parallel universe!?”

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The tweet was posted today, April 27, 2023, and it has already received over 33 K views. Other Twitter users did share their responses to her query. Many of them agreed with her. 

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One user suggested that 5-star hotels’ food is for corporates and the cream of society, not middle-class people. 

Another user seconded it by saying that meals at 5-star restaurants are usually sponsored by companies for business meetings. “It’s more to satisfy the business interest than the stomach,” he said.

One user ranted that the food doesn’t even taste that great at luxury hotels.

Another user agreed that the taste doesn’t justify the price of the food and the services.

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Here are some more reactions to the post:

What do you think about the high pricing of food at 5-star hotels? Is it justified? Let us know in the comments section below.

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