Craving A Tasty Meal Thats Weight Loss Friendly Too? Try Jowar Cheela

Cheela is a go-to option for many of us when seeking a quick breakfast meal. It is extremely filling, low in calories, and requires just a few ingredients to make. The best part about cheela is its versatility, allowing us to experiment with various types such as besan, oats, rava, or moong dal cheela. We enjoy exploring different variations of this humble dish. However, if you’re aiming to shed those extra kilos, it’s important to add an extra dose of nutrition to the regular cheela. How can we achieve that? By making it with jowar! Jowar, also known as sorghum, is a common ingredient in Indian households and serves as a healthy addition to a weight loss diet. Find out more about its health benefits and how to make it at home below.

Is Jowar Good For Weight Loss?

Jowar is considered an excellent option for someone trying to lose weight. It is high on protein and fibre, low in calories, and gluten-free, making a perfect food ingredient to boost digestion, metabolism, which further help you lose weight. The high fibre content aids digestion and helps keep you full for long, which further contributes to weight loss by reducing calorie intake. As per Bangalore-based nutritionist Dr. Anju Sood, “The fibre and protein-content in jowar help induce a feeling of being full. This further prevents you from weird time bingeing. These factors further promote weight loss.”
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Here’re 5 Health Benefits Of Jowar Cheela:

1. Rich In Fibre

Jowar contains a significant amount of dietary fibre. Consuming dishes made of jowar helps with digestion and also keeps you feeling full for a longer period of time, making it ideal for curbing those untimely hunger pangs.

2. Gluten-Free

Jowar is naturally gluten-free, making it ideal for people who have gluten intolerance or celiac disease. It can be substituted for wheat flour in various recipes, allowing people to enjoy a wide variety of dishes.

3. Can Improve Blood Sugar Levels

Another benefit of consuming jowar is that it helps improve blood sugar levels. With its low glycemic index (GI), it slows down the release of sugar into the blood, making it an ideal choice for people who have diabetes.

4. Good For Heart Health

Jowar is also considered highly beneficial for heart health. The fibre content present in jowar may help lower cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Additionally, jowar is low in fat, making it an excellent choice for maintaining a heart-healthy diet.

5. Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Jowar is rich in antioxidants and contains phenolic compounds and flavonoids. These have been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects and help prevent free radical damages.
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Jowar Cheela Recipe: How To Make Jowar Cheela

To make this cheela, start by adding jowar flour, wheat flour, chopped onions, tomatoes, and ginger to a bowl. Next, add red chilli powder, pepper, salt, and coriander powder. Mix everything together, adding some water to achieve the desired consistency (make sure it’s not too thin).

Heat a pan over medium flame and lightly grease it with oil. Take a ladleful of the prepared mixture and spread it evenly on the pan. Allow it to cook until it turns golden brown. Flip the cheela and cook the other side as well. Once done, serve hot with some chutney. Enjoy!

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Do try this cheela recipe and let us know how you liked it! If you want to explore other cheela recipes, click here.

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