Craving An Authentic Indian Thali? Here Are The Top 5 Thali Places In Delhi-NCR

Thali is a traditional Indian platter that has dal, vegetables, roti, rice, salad, raita, chutney, and papad. Preparing such a vast meal can be tough at home, but if you are craving a thali and don’t have enough time on your hands, you need not worry, as this wholesome meal has lately become popular in many restaurants across India. When talking specifically about Delhi-NCR, there are several restaurants that are known for their unique thalis. Their thalis are unlike what we make at home, these are gigantic and full of extraordinary flavours. If you are a big-time foodie and want to explore different types of thalis then you must check out these restaurants which we have listed down for you.

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Here Are Top 5 Indian Thali Places In Delhi-NCR:

1. Ardor 29 Brewpub & Terrace

This place in Gurgaon is known for its ‘United India Thali’. You will be amazed to know that their thali weighs around 10.5 kg. That’s not all, what makes their thali so unique is that they serve dishes from all the Indian states. From kebabs, butter chicken, dal bhati churma to momos, you can taste all the regional cuisines in one platter.

Where: Ardor 29 Brewpub & Terrace – SCO 25, Sector 29 Gurugram

2. The Golden Bird India- Ekta Thali

For those who don’t know much about Indian heritage and history, India was also known as ‘sone ki chidiya’ in Hindi. That’s how the restaurant has derived its unique name ‘The Golden Bird’. Preserving the culture of Indian cuisine, the café serves a special thali called ‘Ekta Thali’, which has dishes from all the states of India. Some of their unique dishes served in the thali are walnut raita, and amrood ki sabzi.

Where: The Golden Bird – M 31, 2nd Floor, M Block Market, GK II

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3. Kutumb

The Kutumb Sampurna Thali served at this restaurant will surely satisfy your craving for authentic Indian food. This gigantic thali has 45 different kinds of Indian dishes including 14 types of dals, biryani, raita, deserts, and salad, along with a 24-inch large family naan. Not just that, they also serve soup, papad, and 6 other kinds of breads. To help you eat all this easily, they also serve 3 types of beverages. So, make sure you have enough space to in your tummy to finish this huge thali.

Where: Kutumb – G/A 10, Sector 10, Metro Walk, Rohini And Gurgaon

4. Nimtho

If you want to explore authentic Sikkimese food, then Nimtho is the best place for you to visit. This place not only serves piping hot momos but also a delicious thali. Their tasty thali includes dal, and vegetables, along with a choice of vegetables, chicken, mutton, and fish curry. Along with this, they serve rice, pickles, salad, and papad. The best thing is that they pour hot ghee on the rice and vegetables to enhance flavour.

Where: Greater Kailash I, Greater Kailash, New Delhi

5. The Potbelly

Looking for a Bihari restaurant that serves tasty Bihari food? You will be happy to know that ‘The Potbelly’ serves delicious Bihari food in Delhi. Don’t get confused about which thali to choose since they have a lot of thali options. The restaurant serves different types of thalis including Bhojpuri thali, Dal Bhaat Thali, Madhubani Thali, Tarkari Thali, and more.

Where: Bihar Niwas, 15, Tikendrajit Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi

Foodie Tip: If you want to explore Indian cuisine, you should definitely start with an authentic Indian thali.

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