Crispy And Cheesy! These Veg Cutlets Are Too Yummy To Miss (Quick Recipe Inside)

When you’re having a bad day, don’t you feel like taking shelter in crispy fried snacks? And if you’re having a good day, these snacks can make it even better. You can find as many recipes for veg snacks as there are vegetables. But our all-time favourite remains potato-based snacks. Add in a little cheese and you don’t need to convince us anymore! We have come up with a special recipe for a veg cutlet that contains potatoes, cheese and many other yummy ingredients. The best thing about this cutlet is that it has a unique crispy coating that you will love.

Different Cutlet Recipes: Why You Should Try This Crispy & Cheesy Veg Cutlet:

These cutlets are perfect as a weekend binge, party appetiser or simply an excuse to try something new, cheesy and crispy! They contain not only veggies but also dry fruits that pack some wonderful flavours. All the ingredients, however, are everyday ones – so no need to worry about their availability; common Indian spices are used as seasonings. But the USP has to be the amazing golden coating made using crushed vermicelli (semiya or sevai). Sounds innovative, doesn’t it? Find out more below.

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How To Make Cheesy Veg Cutlets At Home | Quick And Easy Recipe For Crispy Veg Cutlets:

What You Need:

This particular recipe uses potatoes, green peas, carrots and French beans. You can also use corn and capsicum in place of some of them. Cashews, raisins, ginger and green chillies are also needed. Regular spices and masalas are used to add flavour. You can substitute the cheese with paneer, if required, to maintain a similar consistency. You will also have to make a slurry using maida, corn flour, water and milk. Breadcrumbs will be mixed with the veggies while the cutlets will be coated in vermicelli.

How To Prepare:

  • Roast vermicelli, boil for 3 minutes, drain and then cool.
  • Parboil green peas, carrots and French beans. Add them to a bowl and mash them along with boiled potatoes.
  • Heat ghee in a pan and temper ginger, green chillies, cashews and raisins. Add this mixture to the mashed veggies.
  • Add spices, cheese and breadcrumbs. Mix all the ingredients well.
  • Shape the mixture into small cylinders, dip them into the slurry, roll them in the vermicelli and freeze for a few minutes.
  • Deep-fry the cutlets until golden and crisp. Enjoy hot with ketchup or chutney.

For the complete recipe and exact ingredient quantities, click here.

Try making these crispy veg cheesy cutlets soon! Do let us know how you like them

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