CSK Players Speak About Their Love For Kothu Parotta, Now We Want Some Too

Sportspersons are known to be very strict about their diet. Since they are required to be fit at all times, they often have to sacrifice their favourite foods. But this does not mean they don’t enjoy a ‘cheat meal’ every once in a while. And street food is considered a special indulgence – a chance to enjoy regional flavours while digging into something yummy (and usually spicy). It seems that two Chennai Super Kings (CSK) players would agree with us. In a recent video, Matheesha Pathirana and Maheesh Theekshana shared their own love for a popular street food dish called kothu parotta.
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Kothu parotta is a yummy street-style dish popular in South India and Sri Lanka. Photo Credit: Instagram/ @chennaiipl

Kothu translates to “minced” in English. This dish is generally made by chopping pieces of egg, veggies, chicken/meat/ fish as well as parotta (a type of flatbread) together. It is a popular food item in South India as well as Sri Lanka – where it is also called Kothu Roti. In a video shared on CSK’s Instagram page, the two Sri Lankan players gave their verdict on the Indian version. They also explained other aspects of the dish. Theekshana pointed out the bowls of chicken curry at the side and stated that the dish itself can be made with cheese, prawns or any other meat. Calling it his “cheat meal,” he revealed that he knows how to cook kothu parotta at home. Pathirana claimed that it is his favourite food too.
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“We normally eat it with our hands,” stated Theekshana. The players tasted the dish and seemed to enjoy it. Pathirana said it was “really good,” while Theekshana confessed he would like it even more if it came with cheese. However, he approved of the spice levels of the one he tasted. You can watch the complete video below:

Curious to learn more about kothu parotta? Click here to know how it’s made in Tamil Nadu.
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