Daughter Forgets To Order Fruits, Father’s Reaction Goes Viral

Fruits have vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and all kinds of nutrients which make them good for health. But keeping these benefits aside, fruits are absolutely delicious. Gorge on a mango in summer or make some tangy fresh orange juice in winter and you are sure to be satisfied. For some, fruits form an essential part of their diet and the day remains incomplete without some juicy slices of watermelon or papaya. Now, a Twitter post has gone viral that might give you an idea of what we are talking about.

In the post, a girl shared that her father asked her to order fruits online and got emotional when she forgot to do so. Disheartened, the father put an evocative picture as his WhatsApp status with the text which read, “Duniya se kya shikayat kare janaab, hamari toh apni aulad hi hamara sath nahi deti (What to expect from others when even our own children do not support us”.

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The daughter posted the screenshot of the status and wrote, “Dad asked me to order fruits from Instamart and I forgot. This is his WhatsApp status now”.

The post caught the attention of many and even drew a reaction from Swiggy Instamart. “Sending you badam so you don’t forget next time,” the instant grocery delivery platform wrote.

Swiggy too responded to the post through its official Twitter handle.

“It’s time to order the fruits and put this as your WhatsApp status,” the platform wrote, sharing a picture.

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Meanwhile, other users chimed in to react.

“Love how parents get so dramatic,” a comment read.

“Papa is right,” a person said.

“Sometimes this happens but I am sure u will not repeat this again sister. Stay blessed, be happy,” a user wrote.

One suggested that the post should be read “with Baghban background music”.

So, what is your reaction to it?

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