Dont Let Your Non-Stick Cookware Get Burnt Out! Avoid These 5 Mistakes

Non-stick cookware is a great addition to any kitchen. It is easy to clean, convenient to use, consumes less oil, and lasts a long time. However, non-stick appliances come with their own set of rules for maintenance. If you want to continue flipping pancakes smoothly or getting perfectly sauteed vegetables with less oil, you need to ensure that you keep your non-stick cookware in the right condition. The key is to prevent the base of the cookware from burning. That’s it. To help you with that, we have curated a list of common mistakes you can avoid to make your cookware last longer. Read on.

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Here’re 5 Common Mistakes That Ruin Non-Stick Cookware:

1. Preheating the cookware:

The black-coloured coating on a pan makes it so special and sensitive, as well. Heating the pan while empty prevents the heat from distributing evenly. Instead, the heat gets concentrated, breaking down the pan’s coating and making it toxic. Always remember to add some food or fat to the pan, before setting it on heat. ‘

2. Cooking on high flame:

Non-stick pans are great for everyday cooking. But using it to prepare food on high flame doesn’t seem to be a great idea. Why? It is because exposure to high heat deteriorates the surface of the cookware, leading to the release of unhealthy, toxic vapours. So, make sure, you cook your food on medium to low flame to keep the pan safe and clean for a long time.

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3. Using a metal spatula:

You all have surely found your mothers shouting, “Don’t flip the omelette with a metal spoon”. It’s because the coating on the base of the non-stick cookware is very sensitive. Using a hard and sturdy utensil on it ruins the base, making it yet more prone to getting burnt. Hence, we suggest going for a wooden or silicon spatula to keep your non-stick cookware safe and intact for a long period.

4. Cleaning the pan with steel wool:

We understand it is important to clean utensils well to wash off the leftover food that gets stuck to the pans and kadhais. But that doesn’t mean you do it harshly. For a non-stick pan, avoid using steel wool. Instead, use a cleaning sponge and mild dishwashing soap to do the job perfectly. In addition to harsh scrubbing, putting non-stick cookware in the dishwasher can also damage it completely.

5. Stacking it unevenly with other utensils:

It’s not just cleaning, how you store your utensils also plays a role in its maintenance. Stacking your non-stick cookware with other utensils often ruins the coating on the base. Hence, we suggest, placing a paper or kitchen towel on the cookware before stacking other utensils on the top.

Now that you have these smart tips handy, follow them regularly and keep your non-stick cookware safe for long.

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