Dont Throw Away Onion-Garlic Peels, Make This Yummy Powder With It

Indian cuisine is so vast and diverse and there is so much variety to be found in every part of the country. There are certain foods, however, that are quite commonly used in Indian cooking. Onion, garlic, ginger, tomato and chillies are typically used in making Indian gravies and main course dishes. We usually peel and chop up these vegetables and condiments, and discard the peels. But did you know they are actually the most flavourful parts and nutritious too? Rather than throwing away the onion and garlic peels, it is a good idea to bring them into use again and make a yummy powder with them that can be used as an excellent flavouring agent.  

What Is Onion-Garlic Peel Powder?
The onion-garlic powder is basically a powdered version of onion and garlic. Although it can be made with the whole vegetable itself, it is a great way to use leftover peels instead of chucking them in the bin. Onion-garlic peel powder can be used as a flavouring agent and to top up plain dishes like French fries, savoury toast or even Indian dishes like dal-chawal or khichdi. You can sprinkle it in salads, use it as an additional ingredient in herby dips or bake with it too. 

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Is Onion-Garlic Powder Healthy?
Yes, definitely! The onion-garlic powder is loaded with antioxidants and can actually pack in more nutrition than the vegetable itself. It doesn’t just provide a burst of flavour to your dishes, but also tackles inflammation and may even improve heart health. However, like with any other spice or food, do not consume it in excess and consult a doctor or qualified medical practitioner in case you suffer from any health problems.  

How Is Onion-Garlic Peel Powder Made?
The recipe for onion-garlic peel powder has been trending quite a bit on social media. We spotted a recipe by popular content creator Alessandro Vitale that he had shared on his Instagram handle. The video received over 9.6 million views and nearly 450k likes. “Zero-waste veggie skin,” was what he captioned it.  

In the clip, we saw how to make onion-garlic peel powder. There is no need for any fancy ingredients and this powder can easily be made at home as well.

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Here are the steps you should follow to make onion-garlic peel powder as explained in the video: 

  • Take the onion and garlic peels and rinse them properly to remove any dust or dirt particles. The more peels, the better.
  • Spread them out in a towel and pat them dry. Place on a baking tray. Line it with parchment paper if necessary.
  • Bake at 160 degrees for about five minutes. Keep the door shut and use the dry heat to make all the water content evaporate completely.
  • Transfer the peels to the blender and blend till you get a fine powder. Your onion-garlic peel powder is ready! 

You can also add additional flavours to this powder such as salt, pepper, paprika, chilli powder and Mediterranean herbs. Store it in an airtight container and enjoy! 

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