Eid 2023: How To Make Jallab – A Middle Eastern Drink That Is Healthy Too

It is Eid ul-Fitr today (April 22, 2023) and the Muslim community from across the country is celebrating the day with much enthusiasm. During Eid, friends and family meet, greet and exchange sweets and gifts with each other. But what remains the highlight of the day is the Eid feast. Foodies like us look forward to these festive meals to go on a bingeing spree. If you are hosting an Eid party this year, then this article is for you. We found a last-moment recipe that can help you prepare a perfect drink to welcome your guests during the summer season. While we understand you are in a festive mode, you just can’t ignore the extreme heat outside. This is where Jallab comes to your rescue. A date-based drink, Jallab helps you stay hydrated and also benefits your overall health.

About Jallab: All You Need To Know About This Date-Based Drink:

The drink Jallab finds its origin in Middle Eastern cuisine. It is popularly consumed in the regions of Lebanon, Jordan and adjacent regions. According to multiple reports, it is also referred to as the cultural icon of the Middle East and is associated with the idea of good hospitality. A quintessential Jallab recipe includes dates syrup, rose syrup, nuts, crushed ice and water. It adds a sweet and floral note to your palate and cools you down in seconds. The fact that it includes no sugar, gives the drink an upper hand.

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3 Reasons Why You Must Drink Jallab: Why You Should Include Jallab In Your Eid Menu:

1. Because It’s Nutritious:

If you are someone looking for a healthy drink alternative, Jallab can be the perfect option to go for. It contains nutritious ingredients including dates and nuts that are fibre, protein and antioxidant enriched. The nuts, used in the drink, also contain healthy fats that help benefit overall health.

2. Because It’s Hydrating:

Jallab contains natural sugar in form of dates, which helps you stay energetic throughout the day. The electrolytes in the drink also help maintain the water balance in the body, preventing dehydration.

3. Because It Is An Excellent Palate Cleanser:

Jallab also works as a great palate cleanser, thanks to the rose syrup in it. The floral flavour (and aroma) of rose helps remove food residue from the tongue, allowing one to more accurately assess a new flavour.

How To Make Jallab – Middle Eastern Drink For Summer:

It is said, Jallab is more of a tradition in Middle Eastern countries. If you explore, you would find the recipe varying from place to place. We bring you a simple recipe that is easy to replicate at home. All you need for the recipe is date syrup, rose water, water, nuts and crushed ice.

To make date syrup, you need to deseed the dates and boil them in almost two cups of water. Now, take water in a jug, add the date syrup and some rose water and mix. Serve with a garnish of sliced almonds and crushed ice. Click here for the detailed recipe.

Make the drink today and surprise your guests at the party. Eid Mubarak!

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