“End Of The World Is Near”: Man Adds Mango Pulp To Pani Puri

The summer season is finally here. And, it’s also the time for mango lovers to utilise the deliciously juicy fruit in every way possible. We make mango lassi, mango ice cream, and of course some juice too. From Alphonso and langda to safeda and dussehri, we are blessed with a variety of mangoes where some are tangy and others are as sweet as sugar. No wonder mango is called the ‘King of Fruits’ in India. Now that we have discussed the versatility of this fruit, what is that one thing you wouldn’t want to combine mango with? We recently came across a video where a vendor prepares mango pani puri shot. Yes, it is exactly what you heard.

In the clip, uploaded on Instagram, a man first opens a packet of mango pulp and pours it into a vessel. He then dilutes the thick pulp using some water and proceeds to make the pani puri. He takes a couple of puris and stuffs them with chickpeas. The mango pulp mixture is then generously poured into the puris and the “mango pani puri shots” are ready.

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The unlikely combination might sound interesting but it does not seem to have gone down well with most users. “People should be punished for besmirching perfectly wonderful foodstuffs and tainting with nonsense condiments and ingredients that make no sense! This has to stop sometime!” a person wrote. Another said, “I guess the end of the world is near”.

But there were some users who approved the combination. “I am sure it would be great,” a comment read. Another user too said that there was no harm in trying the shots.

Of course, this isn’t the first food combination involving pani puri. Earlier, a video had come to light showing the preparation of ice cream pani puri. In the clip, a vendor stuffs the puri with vanilla ice cream and then with a variety of red and green sweet syrups. He also garnishes the puris with savoury sev before serving. Click here to know more.

If given a choice, would you want to give these unique food combinations a try? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. 

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