Enjoy The Summer Season With Drool-Worthy Jamun Popsicles By Pooja Makhija

The summer season is here and we can’t wait to try out our favourite ice creams. This is also the time we get to enjoy delicious mango treats, lassi, chaas, and other cool desserts. We talk about mangoes and watermelon, but little do we focus on jamun. How many of you diligently eat jamun? Okay, can we call it an underrated fruit already? Known as Indian blackberry, Java plum, or black plum, jamun is no less than a summer superfruit. It’s tasty, and flavourful and also makes for an ideal fruit for weight loss diets. Jamun is rich in vitamin C, and iron and helps in improving the haemoglobin count. There are so many ways to enjoy this amazing fruit. Nutritionist Pooja Makhija shared a recipe video showcasing Jamun recipes. Trust us, this is a wonderful way to beat the summer heat.

For the caption, Pooja Makhija stated, “Jamun is a very nutritious summer fruit and thus part of the cooling summer series. It helps relieve acidity and other digestive issues along with helping control blood sugar levels.”

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In the video, the celebrity nutritionist showed how to prepare jamun popsicles at home as well as jamun coolers. We can call it a two-in-one recipe! All you have to do is take some jamun in a pan and add spices as mentioned by Pooja Makhija. Heat it until the seeds separate. Boil it nicely and strain it in the end. The health expert stated that jamun juice is rich in antioxidants and is loaded with iron, potassium, vitamin C, and magnesium. She also used lime juice and sabja to bring in a cooling effect. Put this in a mould, and make popsicles. If not popsicles, you can also enjoy this as a cooling drink.   

Many people prefer light meals during the summer season. Some also add salads to their diet during this time. Nutritionist Pooja Makhija shared a recipe for rajma chawal salad that can be a good dish to try at home. It’s healthy and light as compared to the typical preparation of rajma chawal. With boiled rajma, she added chopped tomatoes, green capsicum, boiled corn, onion, red bell pepper, coriander leaves, red jalapeno and brown rice or white rice. She also used lime juice, olive juice, honey, jeera powder, grated garlic, paprika powder, sumac or amchur powder, salt and pepper.

Coming back to the super delectable jamun coolers, how many of you will prepare the same at home? Tell us in the comments.

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