Enjoy Your Weekend With This Creamy Chicken Shawarma Recipe

Non-vegetarians know how much they depend on chicken to prepare their meals. All around the world, chicken is the most popular poultry which is used in making a variety of dishes like soups, curries, grills, etc. However, there’s this one dish that has made its way to people’s hearts in no time. Yes, we are talking about chicken shawarma. For those who don’t know about it, chicken shawarma is a popular Middle Eastern recipe made with bread and chicken. This zesty roll has become a popular street food in India and since it is admired so much, you can find a shawarma kiosk at every nook and corner.
If you enjoy eating chicken shawarma and often crave it, it’s a must that you know how to prepare it at home. Although the authentic chicken shawarma recipe includes roasting and grilling of the chicken, we will teach you how to simply prepare it in a pan. You don’t need a grill and oven to make this recipe. Simply cook the chicken in the pan and make a delicious shawarma roll for yourself.
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Is Chicken Shawarma Healthy To Eat?

Yes, chicken shawarma is a healthy dish. It is a protein-rich meal as it consists of boneless chicken that is either grilled, baked, or pan-cooked in very less oil. Additionally, it is power-packed with nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin K, calcium, and potassium which we get from lettuce, tomatoes, and yoghurt.

Which Sauce Is Used In Shawarma?

Tahini is used in an authentic shawarma recipe. It is a sesame seeds-based sauce used in Middle Eastern food. However, many of us don’t have tahini handy in our kitchens. So, we will be making a creamy sauce from yoghurt and fresh cream which will further be spread on the pita bread.
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How To Make Creamy Chicken Shawarma | Chicken Shawarma Recipe

Start by cooking the chicken first. Take a thick bottom pan and cook the marinated chicken in it for 15 minutes. Now turn the chicken and cook both sides properly. Once done, shred the chicken with the help of a fork. Further, chop onion, tomatoes, and lettuce. Now layer the pita bread with the creamy homemade sauce, and zesty chicken filling and top it with crunchy veggies. Roll it and enjoy homemade chicken shawarma.
For the full recipe of creamy chicken shawarma, click here.
Serve the delicious chicken shawarma roll hot with ketchup or chutney.

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