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Mangoes are often called the ‘king of fruits’ and a tropical Indian summer is synonymous with this delicious fruit. From mango lassi, doodh aam, and mango juice, to the raw fruit itself, there are many ways in which one can enjoy mangoes in summer. Apart from being yummy, mangoes are also a great source of magnesium and potassium, are packed with nutrients, and are often good for heart health too. But despite its many benefits, one has to exercise caution because overeating mangoes can lead to several health problems. Dr Supriya Roy, Loop’s in-house medical advisor, shares with us 10 adverse effects of overeating mangoes.

Beware! Overeating Mangoes Can Lead To These 10 Problems

1. Sugar overload: Mango is sweeter than most fruits. Excess of it can spike blood sugar, increasing the risk of diabetes and aggravating existing conditions. Moderation is key.

2. Calorie surplus: Mangoes pack calories, potentially contributing to weight gain when overindulged. If you’re trying to lose weight, just have the suggested quantity by your nutritionist.

3. Diarrhea risk: Overeating mangoes may lead to digestive distress, causing diarrhea and dehydration. Keep consumption balanced.

4. Allergy concerns: Allergy to mango is rare. However, if you experience symptoms like itching, vomiting, boils, etc., contact a doctor immediately.

5. Tooth troubles: The fruit’s natural sugars may harm teeth, increasing the likelihood of cavities. Limit mangoes and maintain oral hygiene.

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6. Skin irritation: Mango skin contains urushiol, the irritant in poison ivy. Overeating may cause contact dermatitis; exercise caution.

7. Hyperkalemia: Excessive potassium from too many mangoes may lead to hyperkalemia, impairing heart function. Also, if there is a known electrolyte imbalance or any cardiac, or renal ailments, consume mangoes on the doctor’s advice.

8. Increase body heat: Phytic acid in mangoes can increase body heat and cause acne/pimples for sensitive/oily skin. Soaking it for a few hours is advised before consumption.

9. Eye problems: Mangoes contain a high level of a compound called lutein, which is an essential nutrient for eye health. However, consuming too much lutein at once can lead to a temporary buildup in the eyes, causing blurriness or discomfort.

10. Drug interactions: Mangoes may interact with certain medications, altering their effectiveness. Consult with a healthcare professional before overindulging.

So while you can always enjoy the seasonal fruit, ensure you eat in moderation. And in case of any existing health problems like high blood sugar or obesity, check with your doctor or nutritionist for the prescribed portion.


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