F.R.I.E.N.D.S Actor Courteney Cox Shares Recipe Of “The Best Cookie” Shes Ever Had

When it comes to treats that can never get boring, chocolate chip cookies definitely top the list. It is an absolute delight to dip these cookies in a glass of cold or warm milk before munching them. Cookies are perfect for breakfast while they don’t disappoint us in the evening either. Basically, cookies can be enjoyed any time of the day. Baking is not everyone’s cup of tea and that is why most of us prefer to get cookies from the bakery rather than making them. But if you have been planning to try your hands at making cookies then F.R.I.E.N.D.S actor Courteney Cox shared the recipe of chocolate chunk with maldon sea salt cookies.

In an Instagram Reel, the actor along with a chef takes us through the steps to make what Courteney Cox described as “the best damn cookie I’ve ever had!”

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The chef begins by mixing the cake flour and bread flour together in a bowl with baking soda, kosher salt, and nutmeg. Some butter and sugar are then mixed for several minutes before the eggs are beaten with vanilla. The flour mixture is then added to the eggs and mixed. The chef mixes dark and milk chocolate with the dough, which is then put inside the refrigerator.

Small balls of the dough are placed on the baking tray and one chocolate chunk is pressed into each ball. The tray then goes into a pre-heated oven for about 19 minutes after which the cookies turn golden brown.

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We are familiar with Courteney Cox’s love for food. She routinely shares recipes and food-related content. Earlier, the actor shared a clip demonstrating how “real” New Yorkers eat pizza. She first takes a slice of pizza and says “A lot of people who are not from New York come into the city and they can’t wait to have New York-style pizza, and they don’t know how to eat it”. Courteney Cox then dabs a tissue over the pizza to remove the oil and adds that “authentic New Yorkers like to cut the tip off”. 

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