Fact Or Myth: Should You Eat Eggs, Chicken And Fish In Summer?

It is a popular notion that foods like eggs, chicken and fish generate heat in the body, cause acne, lead to indigestion and discomfort, and are not good for overall bodily health during summer. Many people go to the length of completely banishing these foods from their diet in hot weather. Are these foods really that bad for us in summer? Is it a fact or just a myth? If you want to know the truth, experts have answered it all for us.

Is It Good To Eat Eggs, Chicken And Fish In Summer?

Nutritionist Nmami Agarwal, in an Instagram post, answers this ever-nagging question. She says, “It is a misconception that eating eggs, chicken and fish in summer can be unhealthy.” She explains that these foods provide essential vitamins and minerals that energise the body, not weigh it down. Nmami Agarwal admitted that “eggs may cause heat in the body, but if eaten in moderation, may prove to be an excellent wholesome food.” You must know an egg is a powerhouse of a variety of nutrients, and egg yolk should not be ignored even on a weight loss diet. Yolk alone contains around 90 per cent of the egg’s calcium and iron content.

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Benefits trump the negatives when it comes to consuming non-veg foods in summer. Eggs, chicken and fish are rich in lean protein, fibre, Omega 3 fatty acids and other nutrients, which offer high nutrition to the body and even promote weight loss. Due to their high nutritional profile, these foods are also known to improve brain health, regular blood pressure and promote healthy bones and teeth.

So, Can We Have Eggs, Chicken And Fish In Summer?

“It is completely okay to have these food items in summer, though in moderation,” concludes Nmami Agarwal.

Nutritionist Mehar Rajput seconds it, “Foods like eggs may cause heat in the body, they also provide nutrients like protein, calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, vitamins D and A.” All these nutrients not only keep the body agile and healthy, but they also curb hunger and prevent fatigue, while improving the immunity of the body.

Nutritionist Mehar Rajput also warns that eating two eggs a day during summer is alright. More than this amount may increase the body temperature and lead to stomach issues.

Can We Eat Eggs, Chicken And Fish Together?

There is no reason why not. You must continue eating eggs, chicken and fish in summer (together, if you want), just limit your intake to a small portion per day or a couple of larger servings in a week. But it is advisable to consult your doctor before making any drastic changes in your diet.

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