Flying Pizza Dough! Viral Video Showcasing Street Food Vendors Skill Is Unbelievable

Some street food vendors exhibit exceptional cooking skills that leave us at a loss of words. You may have seen street food vendors flying their dosas and dahi bhallas and catching them just in time, but this pizza vendor’s flying pizza dough stands head and shoulders above the rest. It is not just a skill, it is an art. The way the vendor rolls his dough to make pizza base is remarkable. The viral video shared on Twitter has left the internet amazed, and we are not surprised. 

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The video was shared on Twitter page called CCTV Idiots. After rolling the dough into a thin, round bread, the street food vendor pats it on the table and throws in high up in the air like a Frisbee (several feet above the ground) and unbelievably catches it back. The dough sheet looks fragile but remains intact as the vendor spins on the top of his finger, rotates it over his head and sways it across his body. It is quite an incredible sight. Watch the video and you’ll mirror our thoughts. “Wow skills,” the video was captioned. 

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The video was posted today (April 26, 2023) and it has already gone viral with over 1.6 million views and 15 K likes. The viewers were quite impressed with the pizza dough-rolling skills.  

A user wondered how many hours of practice it took to master the skill:

One user compared the flying pizza dough with a UFO:

This user admitted that there are many talented people in the world but this man still impressed him. 

One user claimed he could do all these things except throwing it till the first floor.

And this user could not believe what they saw. He asked if the video is real or edited.

Are you as amazed as others with this street food vendor’s skills?

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