Former Chefs Tweet On Weight Loss Secrets Strikes A Chord With Twitter Users

We’ve all struggled to lose weight at some point in our lives. No matter how many diets or fitness routines we’ve tried to follow, getting rid of that extra fat can be quite challenging. And during such times, we often consult nutritionists or health experts for solutions to our concerns. Recently, we came across a tweet shared by a former chef who has revealed some weight loss secrets for people who struggle to do so. Internet users have found his tips helpful and thanked him for giving them a reality check.
Former chef and restaurant owner Madhu Menon took to the micro-blogging platform to write, “If you’re trying to lose weight, the most important thing you should do is stop ordering food from outside. As a former chef and restaurant owner, and also someone trying to lose weight, let me tell you why.” He further explains that our weight loss mainly depends on our diet. “Diet is the key to 90% of weight loss. As the saying goes, ‘You can’t out-train a bad diet.’ Mr Menon further suggests, “No matter what meal plan you’re following, the ultimate mechanism for weight loss is calorie restriction, whether that is counting calories, intermittent fasting, or whatever.” Take a look at his tweet here:
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Since being posted, the tweet has received over 454.1K views and 780 retweets so far. Many people agreed with the former chef’s advice and thanked him for giving them a reality check. One person wrote, “It makes so much sense. When I was in the village with no other option but our own kitchen and outdoor work, I was in a different state. Now domesticated and in a cosmopolitan region with food from restaurants being nearly a weekly occurrence, bloating has happened.”
Another person wrote, “This is superb! As an obesity physician, I find this tweet priceless!” A third person commented, “Sir, why did you have to say this? I have been eating restaurant food pretty much every single day for the past 6-7 years.”
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Here’s how other people reacted to the tweet:

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