From Galouti Kebabs To Mango Phirni: 5 Course Menu For A Delicious Eid Dinner

The festival of Eid-ul-Fitr or Meethi Eid is synonymous with sheer khurma, seviyan, kebabs and everything delicious. Eid marks the end of Ramadan, a holy month of fasting from dawn to dusk and offering prayers. During their Ramadan fast, people typically abstain from drinking water and having any kind of food. So, on Eid, it is time to host a feast, invite your friends and together gorge on delicious meals. Puzzled about what should be on the menu? Here we have listed down the recipes for a lavish five-course Eid dinner including desserts, soups, starters and more. 

1. Appetizers

Restaurant-style fried chicken

A fried chicken starter will satiate your cravings and also prepare your taste buds for the main course. This one isn’t your ordinary homemade chicken but some lip-smacking restaurant-style chicken that will leave your guests asking for more. Recipe here

Galouti kebab

These kebabs have earned a reputation for their smooth and mouth-melting texture and delicious meal. If your friends are coming over, then just serve a plate of these Galouti kebabs and let them slip into a food coma. Recipe here

2. Drinks


Desi-style shikanji

What can be better than a chilled glass of homemade shikanji in this scorching heat? It requires minimum effort and ingredients and goes best with spicy appetizers. So, do include this in your dinner menu this Eid. Recipe here

Blossom sphere

If you want to treat your guests to something fancy, then go for this blossom sphere drink, which is a great summer cooler. It has lime juice, rose water, and teas syrup along with chunks of cucumber. It may sound a bit tricky to make it but trust us it would not take much time and skills. Recipe here

3. Soups

Garlic soup

A warm bowl of soup definitely triggers our cravings for a heavy and filling main course. This garlic soup is creamy, appetising and easy to prepare. You can add either your choice of vegetables or meat to this delight. Recipe here

Chicken vegetable soup

This soup has the goodness and taste of both chicken and vegetables and that is why it must feature on your dinner menu. Serve your guests a bowl of this chicken vegetable soup and watch them as they ask for more. Recipe here

4. Main course


Nihari is one of the most exquisite dishes you can enjoy for Eid. Photo Credit: iStock

Whole wheat mutton khichda

Mutton khichda is a complete meal on its own. Made with mutton, ghee, and a mix of daliya, whole wheat, this khichda tastes absolutely delicious and will outshine everything else on your dinner table. You can enjoy this mutton khichda as it is as well as with some bread or rice. Click here for the recipe

Chicken nihari

If your guests love chicken, then make this chicken nihari for them. An aromatic dish loaded with spices, nihari was originally a breakfast dish. But no one is stopping you from relishing it as dinner. So, arrange the ingredients and get to work. Nihari goes best with some hot tandoori roti. Recipe here

5. Desserts


Seviyan is mandatory on Eid and you just shouldn’t miss it. It is quick to make, tasty to eat, and perfect to enjoy after a heavy dinner. Just make sure to top up your seviyan with dry fruits and serve it either chilled or warm. Recipe here

Mango phirni

When it’s Eid and also summer, you don’t have to think much before making this mango phirni. It is a creamy Indian dessert with a mango twist. Make this and neither you nor your friends will be disappointed. Click here for the recipe

Make your Eid even more special with these delicacies!
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