From Momos To Flavourful Soups: 7 Tibetan Dishes You Must Try

What comes to your mind first when you think of Tibetan cuisine? Most of us will say momos, but that’s not the only dish under the Tibetan cuisine. For those who don’t know much about Tibetan food, there are a variety of dishes that Tibetan cuisine offers. Tibetan cuisine is a unique and vibrant fusion of Indian, Chinese and Nepalese cuisines, especially the flavours. It offers a range of dishes that are both satisfying and delicious. From their tasty noodle soups to flavourful stews, everything from the Tibetan cuisine is prepared in a unique style and tastes delicious. If you are a foodie and want to explore the authentic flavours of Tibetan dishes, then these are 7 Tibetan foods you must try.

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Here Are 7 Tibetan Dishes You Must Try:

1. Yak Butter Tea

Let’s start with the most unpopular Tibetan drink which is Yak butter tea. It is staple in Tibetan household. If you may have heard of Indian tea called chai, it is somewhat similar to it. The only difference is that it is not a sweet tea but salted tea. This traditional Tibetan tea is prepared by mixing tea leaves in milk, yak butter and salt. The tea is known for its rich and creamy flavour.


Make sure to try their salty butter tea. Photo Credit: unsplash

2. Shabhaley

Shabhaley is a savoury pastry stuffed with spicy meat and veggies, which is deep fried to cook. It is similarly prepared like Indian samosa or a Chinese dumpling. Shabhaley is a perfect snack that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. It is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside and is best served with red chilli chutney.


Shabhaley is made from refined flour or wheat flour dough. Photo Credit: unsplash

3. Gyuma

Gyuma is a deep-fried blood sausage which is filled with roasted rice and barely along with spices and salt to add flavour. This is a simple Tibetan appetiser with complex flavours. This dish might not sound so appetising, but make sure you give it a try once to taste the authentic Tibetan cuisine flavour.


These are deep fried blood sausages. Photo Credit: unsplash

4. Thukpa

This tasty noodle soup is a staple in Tibet and is perfect for chilly weather. Made with hand-pulled noodles, vegetables, and meat, thukpa is a warming and comforting dish. Besides being a flavourful dish, it is also a healthy meal because it consists of protein-rich meats and vegetables like spinach, raddish, carrot, etc, which are packed with nutrients.


Thukpa is a traditional noodle soup. Photo Credit: unsplash

5. Thenthuk

Thenthuk is another savoury noodle soup, which is prepared with hand-torn dough sheets. Instead of hand pulled noodles that is used in thukpa, small pieces of dough sheets are used in the juicy and meaty broth of thenthuk. Make sure you try this dish as both thenthuk and thukpa have different flavours.

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6. Tingmo

Made with yeast, flour, and water, tingmo is a soft and fluffy bread that is perfect for soaking rich and flavorful sauces. These are steamed buns that are a staple dish in Tibetan cuisine and are often served alongside savory stews and curries. So don’t miss out on ordering this with a curry dish.

7. Shapta

Shapta is a stir-fried meat dish that is typically served with vegetables and a tangy sauce. The name shapta means thin slices in Tibetan, which refers to the thin slices of meat that are used in the dish. It is typically served with steamed rice or Tibetan bread tingmo, and is a staple in Tibetan households.


Sliced meat cooked with vegetables is called Shapta. Photo Credit: unsplash

Next time you plan to visit a Tibetan restaurant, make sure you try at least 3 to 4 dishes from the list shared above. Enjoy.

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