Going For Swimming Session? 5 Foods To Avoid Before Hitting The Pool

Picture this: It’s a hot, sunny day and you’ve decided to take a plunge into the pool. You start floating from one end to the other, enjoying the instant relief from the sweltering heat. However, after some time, you start to feel uneasy and tired, and the excitement of swimming soon fades away. Sounds familiar, right? If you’re a swimming enthusiast or someone who enjoys it as a leisure activity during the summers, chances are you’ve experienced a similar situation at some point in life. While there could be various reasons for feeling uneasy in the pool, the type of food you eat before swimming also has a major role to play. Experts recommend avoiding certain foods before swimming as they can impact your performance and overall experience in the water. To prevent this, we curated a list of foods that you must avoid before swimming. Take a look.

Here Are 5 Foods To Avoid Before Swimming:

1. Beans

There’s no doubt about the fact that beans are an excellent source of fibre. However, they may not be such a great option when it comes to swimming. Since fibre takes longer to digest, you may experience digestive problems such as bloating, cramping, or even constipation. You should also avoid other fibre-rich vegetables like broccoli or any other type of legume.
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2. Spicy Foods

While swimming, our bodies are in a constant horizontal position, making us prone to acid reflux. If you have spicy food sitting in your stomach, it may further aggravate the problem and affect your performance in the pool. So, make sure to avoid spicy foods at all costs and save your spice cravings for another time.

3. Sugary Foods And Drinks

Do you like to drink juice or eat a sugary snack before you take a dip in the pool? If yes, it’s time to stop! While you may think the sugar rush will help you perform better, this is not quite the case. That energy will soon wear off and you’ll regret indulging in those sugary drinks or snacks. You may also end up feeling more lethargic and tired after your swim.


4. Dairy Products

Another thing you should steer clear of before swimming is dairy products. This is because they are high in saturated fat and may cause digestive issues. While dairy products, such as milk and cheese, are definitely high in nutrients, it’s best to have them after your swim to help replenish your energy levels.
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5. Coffee

Coffee is something that most of us have on a regular basis as it helps provide a kick of energy. However, make sure not to have it before you decide to take a plunge into the pool. Since coffee is a diuretic, it may end up making you feel dehydrated and increase urine production, which is definitely not a great idea in a swimming pool. Additionally, it could also make you feel nauseous.

What Are The Foods That Can Enhance Your Swimming Performance?

Most people are confused when it comes to deciding what to eat before swimming. Experts recommend having a handful of nuts, a portion of fruit, or some yogurt topped with seeds before diving into the pool. This will help boost your metabolism in the right way.

What Are The Foods You Should Eat After Swimming?

If you’re wondering what to eat after swimming, we’re here to help you out. Since your body is deprived of energy after a swim, it’s important to replenish it with essential nutrients. Opt for foods that are rich in protein, healthy fats, or complex carbohydrates. Some options include chicken, paneer, quinoa, brown rice, and nuts.

Now that you know about it all, make sure you take a wise call to enjoy your swimming session. 

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