How Eating Spicy Food Affects Digestive Health And Weight Loss

Spices are an essential component of culinary practices around the world. They add flavour, aroma and colour to the dishes, making them appealing to our senses. Food is spiced up with chillies and black pepper, which are an important part of cooking traditions, worldwide. Some people love eating spicy food every day, but it’s not the same feeling for everyone. Many people with low spice tolerance constantly worry if eating spicy food will trouble their stomach. Just like how other foods affect our digestive health, spices also leave their impact on our stomach. Let’s understand how spicy food is connected with our digestive health.

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Effects Of Over-Indulgence Of Spicy Foods May Cause These Stomach Ailments:

1. Acid Reflux

Our body produces more acid in the stomach when we eat spicy food. This causes irritation in the stomach lining which can make anyone feel uneasy and discomfort in the stomach. Not just that, sometimes, it can also lead to bloating and pain in the stomach.


Chilies can create burning sensation in stomach. Photo Credit: unsplash

2. Acute Gastritis

Majority of people suffer from occasional bouts of gastritis that are often passed as indigestion. Gastritis is caused due to inflammation of the gastric mucosa, which is a thin membrane that lines the stomach. Symptoms of acute gastritis include nausea, vomiting, headache, and blood in stool and vomit.

3. Diarrhoea

Have you ever had spicy food and then worried about rushing to the bathroom? Well, too much spicy food can really upset your stomach, especially if you have a sensitive stomach. This can lead to stomach pain and diarrhoea, making you feel weak and energyless.

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According to Dr Kapil Agrawal, Sr. Consultant, Laproscopic and Bariatric Surgeon, “Spicy foods do not cause ulcers or reflux but they can increase the severity of symptoms in patients already suffering from such conditions. Apart from that spicy food can cause diarrhoea in a few patients by irritating the gut. It also decreases the sensitivity of taste buds so if you plan on enjoying your favourite spicy dishes for years to come, less is more.”

Does Eating Spicy Food Help In Weight Loss?

Spices like chillies and peppers have been suggested to aid in weight loss because chillies contain a component called capsaicin and pepper contains piperine which help in increasing the body’s metabolism and cutting down fats. As per the report of National Center for Biotechnology information, they also reduce your appetite if you consume them in high quantities. According to Macrobiotic Nutritionist and Health Practitioner Shilpa Arora, “Capsaicin in spicy food help burn fat and boosts your metabolism. However, you would need a nutritional plan as well as a target workout to lose weight. There is no magic pill to weight loss unfortunately.”

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