How To Clean Copper And Brass Utensils: An Easy And Effective Solution

If you ever explored your grandparents’ kitchen, you would have found many copper and brass utensils. Even today, some people stick to traditional cookware to cook and serve food. It is said that water stored in copper utensils is good for health. Some experts advise against cooking salty and sour foods in utensils as salt can react with them and spoil the food. But the rest of the foods cooked in these utensils are known to benefit health in many ways. It is also believed that food stays warmer when stored in these utensils.

While having copper and brass utensils in the kitchen may be a good idea, they pose a problem when it comes to cleaning them. These utensils turn black after some time, even if they are not used for cooking. Regular soap and water solutions don’t work, and scrubbing relentlessly doesn’t yield good results either.

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We found an amazing hack to clean these utensils without rubbing and scrubbing. You don’t even need to use your hands for cleaning! The video is posted on the YouTube channel ‘Cooking With Reshu,’ and food vlogger Reshu suggested an easy tip to clean copper and brassware. She even demonstrated it in the video.

How To Clean Copper And Brass Utensils:

The vlogger shared the recipe for a simple cleaning solution made with salt and citric acid. Also called ‘nimbu ka phool’ in Hindi, citric acid can be easily found in local departmental stores.

To make the solution, put equal quantities of salt and citric acid in a bowl. This recipe adds two teaspoons of salt and two teaspoons of citric acid. Then add one cup of water and mix well until the salts dissolve completely.

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Now, to clean flat copper and brass utensils like plates, simply dip them in the solution for a few minutes and wash them off with regular water. To clean glasses, bowls, and bottles, all you need to do is swirl the solution in them for a few minutes, and you will see the utensils regaining their original colour in no time.

The video claims that this solution works like magic to clean copper and brass utensils. We will have to try it ourselves to believe it. Would you also try this cleaning hack?

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