How To Make Aamer Chutney: This Chutney From Bengal Is Perfect For Summer

Chutneys are an essential component of Indian cuisine. They enhance the flavour of any dish by several notches and create a sensory experience in our mouths, making the entire meal enjoyable. Some chutneys offer numerous health benefits, which is why people enjoy pairing them with their everyday meals. Whether it’s pudina chutney, coconut chutney, tomato chutney, or amchoor chutney, the wide variety of chutneys available is truly fascinating. Adding to this list, we present a delectable Bengali-style aamer chutney that is sure to tantalise your taste buds. Perfect for the summer season, this chutney is a must-try.

About Bengal’s Popular Chutney – Aamer Chutney:

Aamer (raw mango) chutney is a popular condiment made using ripe mangoes, jaggery, and an array of flavourful spices that are cooked together. It has a sweet and tangy taste with a hint of spiciness. Aamer chutney is often enjoyed as a condiment with various snacks and main course dishes such as samosas, pakodas, rice, roti, and even meats. Not only does it taste delicious, but it also serves as a healthy addition to your meal.

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mango chutney

Mango chutney is a delightful recipe that can be made in Bengali style too.

What Are Some Health Benefits Of Bengali-Style Aamer Chutney?

Ripe mangoes, the main ingredient of this chutney, are a good source of vitamins A and C. They contribute to eye health, immunity, and collagen production. Mangoes are also rich in fibre, promoting digestion. Furthermore, spices in the chutney, such as haldi and mustard seeds, possess anti-inflammatory properties that may help protect against diseases.

What Is The Best Way To Store Bengali-Style Aamer Chutney?

The best way to store this chutney is to allow it to cool down to room temperature before transferring it to an airtight container. This helps prevent moisture buildup and condensation. Using an airtight container is important to keep the chutney dry and fresh. For optimal freshness and to prolong its shelf life, it is recommended to store the chutney in the refrigerator.

Bengali-Style Aamer Chutney Recipe: How To Make Bengali-Style Aamer Chutney

  • To begin with, heat the mustard oil in a pan over medium heat. Once hot, add mustard seeds, kalonji, methi seeds, and dried red chillies. Stir and saute for about a minute until the seeds start to crackle. Add the diced mangoes to the pan and stir well to coat well with the spices.
  • Cook for about 2-3 mins until the mangoes start to soften slightly. Reduce the heat to low and add haldi, red chilli powder, grated ginger, and salt. Mix well to combine all the ingredients. Cover the pan and allow the mangoes to cook for another 5-7 mins.
  • Now, uncover the pan and add jaggery. Mix well until the jaggery melts and combines with the mangoes. Continue cooking for a few more minutes or until the chutney reaches your desired consistency. Garnish with fresh coriander leaves and enjoy!

For the complete recipe of Bengali-style aamer chutney, click here.

So, what are you waiting for? Try out this delicious chutney and let us know how you liked its taste in the comments below. Meanwhile, if you’re interested in exploring more chutney recipes, click here.

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