How To Make Perfect Bedmi Poori With Urad Dal Stuffing

Poori is a popular Indian bread that is commonly made in Indian homes. It is also a staple at weddings, festivals, and other special occasions. Poori comes in many varieties, such as plain, masala, palak, and methi, to entice you. But amidst all this, Bedmi Poori is enough to win our hearts every time. Bedmi poori is a very popular dish of Uttar Pradesh, which is eaten with great love in Delhi. You can enjoy Bedmi Puri throughout the year. Bedmi Poori can be paired with Aloo Rasedar, Nagori Halwa, and Raita.

Bedmi Poori is made with wheat flour and a spicy stuffing of urad dal. This urad dal stuffing makes this poori special. Many of us must have gone to the halwai and enjoyed Bedmi Poori and Aloo ki Sabzi because it is not easy for everyone to make it at home. But if you are among those people who want to make Bedmi Poori at home, then here we have come up with some easy tips to help you make Bedmi Poori with authentic taste. So let’s look at these tips without any delay.

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Here Are 5 Tips To Make Bedmi Poori:

  1. Knead soft dough

To make Bedmi Poori, add wheat flour, semolina, kasuri methi, salt, carom seeds, and oil in a bowl and mix everything well. After mixing all the ingredients well, knead a soft dough by adding lukewarm water.

  1. Use lukewarm water

It is necessary to use lukewarm water while kneading the dough for Bedmi Poori because semolina is mixed with wheat flour and it takes time to swell and get harden. If kneaded with lukewarm water, it swells quickly and keeps the dough soft. However, do not knead the dough too soft; make it slightly soft.

  1. Rest the dough

Resting the dough is also an important step. Let the Bedmi Poori dough rest for at least an hour. This helps all the ingredients to be absorbed in the flour.

  1. Stuffing should not be too wet

While making the stuffing of urad dal, add the right amount of water. If the stuffing is too wet, it will burst when filled in the poori. After preparing the stuffing, keep it covered. This will make the coarse lentils soft.

  1. Fry on a low-medium flame

Before frying Bedmi Poori, heat the oil properly. After that, set the flame on low-medium heat. If you fry the poori at this stage, the puris will become crispy.

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Here’s a step-by-step recipe for bedmi poori.

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